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Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

What we mean when we say 'open music' | - 0 views

    "Learning about Bolero's recent entry into the public domain made me think about the concept of "open music" in general. Where is it found? What characteristics define open music? And so I've let my favorite search engine help me do detective work to see what a hunt foropenturns up."
Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

The Big Debate: OK gloomsters, how can the music biz be FIXED? * The Register - 1 views

    [By Andrew Orlowski * Get more from this author Posted in Media, 25th October 2012 09:19 GMT Battle of Ideas 2012 I was an a panel at The Battle of Ideas conference on music at the weekend, and it went a bit beyond your usual digital music panel. There was a good turnout - considering there were six concurrent panels, all of them interesting. Everyone got to make a six-minute beyonding question. Here's mine, and the highlights of the rest of the panel. I've included all the audience questions and the best answers - not all questions were answered - for a reason. If you think the biggest problem with music is piracy, it isn't, and that becomes evident from the questions. Two of the panellists (Alan Miller and myself) address this in the closing remarks....]
Gary Edwards

That Reinvention Of The Web Thing Opera Was Talking About? It's Called Opera Unite - 0 views

    this morning Opera unveiled a P2P based technology called Opera Unite that essentially turns every computer running the Opera browser into a full-fledged Web server. Opera Unite can be used to directly share documents, music, photos, videos, or run websites, or even chat rooms without third-party requirements. The company extended the collaborative technology to a platform that comes with a set of open APIs, encouraging developers to create their own applications (known as Opera Unite services) on top of it, directly linking personal computers together, no matter which OS they are running and without the need to download additional software. Networking above and open the OS. Catch the video on this page! Although it doesn't explain much by way of the underlying technology, it's really well done and very stylish. It's interesting the way they paint "the Servers" as threatening and evil.
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