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Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

Innovation under Austerity - Transcript - Software Freedom Law Center - 0 views

    [ Innovation under Austerity This is a transcription of a speech given by Eben Moglen at the 2012 Freedom to Connect conference in Washington DC on May 22, 2012. Event records Transcription by Ben Asselstine. Thank you. it's a pleasure to be here, and to see so pleasure friends. I'm very grateful to David for the invitation, it's a privilege to be here. I'm going to talk of mostly about a subject almost as geeky as stuff we all talk about all the time, namely political economy. I'm going to try and make it less snooze-worthy than it sometimes seems to be, but you'll forgive me I'm sure for starting fairly far from OpenSSL, and we'll get closer as time goes by. ...]
Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many GNU/Linux Distributions? - Softpedia - 1 views

    "Softpedia lists about 2,000 Linux kernel-based OSes I think it's time to clarify the matter of "too many Linux distributions" once and for all. "
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