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Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

[hub] TTIP: Commission intends to place secret, corporate "Christmas list" of IPRs in trade treaty - 1 views

    "quotes the Commission and OHIM officials as they are advising on how to work against civil society and why it is good that the public is kept in the dark on negotiations"
Paul Merrell

Five Reasons Why the Amazon Kindle Fire Will Light Up Enterprises | ZDNet - 2 views

  • Android developers are being attracted to the Amazon tablet and making it their highest priority. 49% of North American developers are very interested in building for the Fire, according to an Appcelerator survey, ahead of second-place Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  • According to a recent survey, 77% of tablets used in the enterprise are purchased and paid for by employees via Bring Your Own Device plans.
  • Consumers, in other words. Who by and large remain extremely price-sensitive. For the cost of equipping mom and dad with $499 iPads, one could equip the parents, two kids and even the family dog, too, with five $199 Kindle Fires. This is why there are studies like Retrevo‚Äôs that show more people planning to to buy a Kindle Fire than an iPad this Christmas. Or why DisplaySearch expects 6 million Fires to be shipped (versus 9-11 million iPads).
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  • In an IBM-sponsored survey of 4,000 IT pros worldwide released last week, 70% said they plan to deploy apps for Android devices, versus 49% for iPhone and iPad, 35% for Windows 7, and 25% for BlackBerry.
Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

Madonna turns to the sneakernet after album leak | Ars Technica - 0 views

    • Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.
      # ! what a coincidence: every current new album is 'mysteriously' "leaked" to The Web... and so close to Christmas gifts campaign... # and what about look at it as the usual 'competing for prominent advertising place' labels' strategy...? # ! ;)
    [Sony Pictures isn't the only entertainment giant dealing with a massive breach. Music icon Madonna quickly released six tracks from her latest album last week after someone stole 13 prereleased recordings-reportedly the entire album-and leaked them to the Internet. ...]
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