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Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

Editorial: Wikipedia fails as an encyclopedia, to science's detriment | Ars Technica UK... - 0 views

    • Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.
      # ! Still many detractors of the social-driven knowledge, with perhaps a certain number of inaccuracies, in favor of the more biased multinational publishers' facts statements... (Special Report Internet encyclopaedias go head to head - Jim Giles
    "by John Timmer (US) - Dec 29, 2015 4:35pm CET Ever look up an obscure scientific topic? Who is that information meant for?"
    " by John Timmer (US) - Dec 29, 2015 4:35pm CET"
Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

Socially controversial science topics on Wikipedia draw edit wars | Ars Technica - 0 views

    "by John Timmer - Aug 18, 2015 9:42pm CEST Share Tweet 70 Gene Likens (Wikipedia link, naturally) is an ecologist who set up a longterm study of a forest in New Hampshire. That study found that the water entering the ecosystem was unusually acidic, a finding that was eventually tied back to pollution. This turned out to be one of the earliest indications of acid rain."
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