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Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

Beware: Piracy Defense Lawyers Can Be "Trolls" Too - TorrentFreak [# ! Note] - 1 views

    " Ernesto on February 8, 2016 C: 37 News Every month hundreds of people are sued for sharing copyrighted media through file-sharing networks, mostly BitTorrent. This practice is big business for copyright holders and lawyers alike. Unfortunately, however, not all defense attorneys appear to have the best interests of their clients at heart."
Gonzalo San Gil, PhD.

If You Hate the Safe Harbor for Internet Piracy, Sign This Petition. - Digital Music Ne... - 0 views

    "Several significant copyright milestones were reached earlier this year. The first key movement was that Congressional hearings began on reforming the copyright law. "
Paul Merrell

Emergence of Cloud Technology Raises Complex Copyright Issues, Lawyers Say | BNA - 1 views

  • NEW YORK—The emergence of cloud technology as an electronic content infrastructure in the entertainment industry raises complex copyright issues, attorneys said at a Sept. 15 panel discussion.Increased reliance on cloud-based distribution platforms and business models in the industry “creates novel and inevitably ambiguous copyright issues,” according to Daniel E. Schnapp, who moderated the discussion at a Copyright Society of the U.S.A. luncheon.At stake is the balance between copyright holders' exclusive rights to reproduce and publicly perform their works versus the ability of consumers and service providers to make lawful use of the content through emerging technologies without infringement, he suggested.
    The recording industry is worried about cloud computing. Hollywood was probably there too. 
    Entertainment Industry should care more about quality, accessibility and price of their productions instead of being always blaming technology and forcing restrictive legislation...
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