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Bench Top Instrument, Water Bath, Grant Water Bath, Grant Instruments Water Bath - 0 views

    We are one of the renowned traders, distributors and exporters of bench top Instruments - water bath, grant water bath and grant instruments water bath. These are widely used for various research applications and demanded in biotech research laboratories.
Ruth Cuadra

ArtPlace America Names 97 Finalists for Creative Placemaking Grants | ArtPlace America - 3 views

    Lots of third spaces in the making here. Look at all the California finalists!
Lisa Eriksen

Lessons In How To Build A Successful Contest, From The Knight Foundation | Co.Exist | ideas + impact - 1 views

    A funding contest rather than a laborious, slow grant application process.  Now this could spark some innovation!
Ruth Cuadra

Los Angeles Times receives $1-million grant from Ford Foundation - - 0 views

    Non-profit invests in journalism... A Ford Foundation spokesman said that, as media organizations face challenges funding reporting through advertising and traditional revenue streams, "we and many other funders are experimenting with new approaches to preserve and advance high-quality journalism."
Gina Hall

A Future Full of Badges - Commentary - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 2 views

    What is a digital badge, exactly? The MacArthur foundation says it's "a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest," Students will be able to customize learning goals within the larger curricular framework, integrate continuing peer and faculty feedback about their progress toward achieving those goals, and tailor the way badges and the metadata within them are displayed to the outside world. Students won't just earn badges-they'll build them, in an act of continuous learning.
    We actually were intrigued by the badges concept for the LF project and considered applying for the grant through the Digital Media & Learning Competition. But we felt we had our hands full with the project at this time - perhaps in the future?
Elizabeth Merritt

Real driverless cars are now legal in China's tech hub Shenzhen | TechCrunch - 0 views

  • The regulation, which is set to take effect on August 1, grants permission for autonomous driving vehicles to operate without a human in the driver’s seat
  • The rules also define the thorny issue of liability. When the vehicle is equipped with a driver, the driver will “be handled” by the transportation authorities in case of traffic rule violations and incidents. But if the car is completely driverless, the owner or manager of the self-driving vehicle is subject to handling by the authorities. If the accident is a result of a defect in the connected car, the owner or manager of the car can seek compensation from the manufacturer or vendor.
  • Major autonomous driving players in China have all opted for a lidar-based route instead of one that relies purely on vision tech like Tesla.
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