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Megan Conn

The Parking Lots Of The Future Look Super Fun | Co.Design | business + design - 0 views

    Could museum parking lots be more fun in the future?
Ruth Cuadra

Newfields Director Charles Venable on His Data-Driven (and Maybe Crazy) Quest to Save the Art Museum - 2 views

    In an era of greater entertainment opportunities with on-demand availability, people had begun chiefly seeking out cultural experiences that are defined by "fun." Museums, as traditionally construed, had become boring. Venable embraced this as gospel, and rethought the IMA from ground up.
Megan Conn

UP: San Francisco | Project Proposals Archive - 0 views

    Fun new ideas from UP SF re: DIY/urbanism.  Fruit fence, anyone? 
Johanna Fassbender

Seoul government's giant ear sculpture actually listens to the public's opinion | Springwise - 1 views

    a fun idea for exhibit feedback?
Karen Wade

What shopping will look like in the future - 1 views

    For one who finds shopping in stores a form of recreation, I hope the Brave New World of retail won't take away our real time fun (not that I don't spend tons of time already on retail sites, but I still like to go to the store and feel the merchandise). Trying on a top in a virtual dressing room just isn't the same as wearing it. Oh well, maybe I also will be able to virtually "feel" it-but. . .
Ruth Cuadra

Here Now, a Proposal to Connect Governors Island to Manhattan - Fun With Urban Planning - Curbed NY - 0 views

    thinking out of the box about urban planning
Ruth Cuadra

The Nose Knows: A Perfumer Captures the Scent of a Library - 0 views

    Ever wish you could bottle that mysterious library scent, the aroma of rummaging through the stacks?
Ruth Cuadra

Chicken With Ball Bearings: How To Cook Like A Futurist | The Awl - 0 views

    Futurist Cookbook -- food for thought as we continue our training as futurists
Ruth Cuadra

Office Oasis: When The Workplace Doubles As A Space To Unwind (PHOTOS) - 1 views

    Third space concept inversed to mean in-office refuges, an effect of what Bob Fox, publisher of the industry magazine Workspace Design, calls the Google philosophy to "give its employees a city."
David Bloom

Can Futurists Change The Future? - 0 views

  • Over the last century and a half, science fiction has evolved just as science has evolved. But does this mean there is actually a causal link between futurology and real scientific research? Could science fiction actually determine what technologies humanity ultimately invents? And if so, can this new generation of crowd empowered futurists be the ones who shape our future world?
Gina Hall

Google Launches Field Trip App For Android | WebProNews - 0 views

  • your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you
  • Field Trip can help you learn about everything from local history to the latest and best places to shop, eat, and have fun. You select the local feeds you like and the information pops up on your phone automatically, as you walk next to those places.”
  • hyperlocal
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  • local lore
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