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Garry Golden

Timoni West * Web Design - 0 views

    'Dont' be afraid to teach interactions
    Comment on my own tag-- I love this line: Don't be afraid to teach interactions' -- challenges assumption that intuitive is only option;
Gina Hall

Sea Notes: Enjoy a Virtual Aquarium Experience in the Bay Area - 2 views

    How does this virtual Aquarium on wheels work? You connect to the truck's wifi connection on your touch-enabled smart phone. Then you can login as a male or female diver and swim around the tank full of sharks, turtles, penguins, sardines and jellyfish, all displayed on the side of the truck. When you encounter one of the creatures, you and the creature react and you win a "badge." At the end of the interaction, you can post an image of the badges you won on Facebook.
Lisa Eriksen

CLOUDS Interactive Documentary on Digital Art - 0 views

    Cool video on data art and crowd-scorce documentary
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