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Johanna Fassbender's April 2013 Trend Briefing covering the consumer trend "CLEAN SLATE BRANDS" - 1 views

    Are museums utilizing e-retail to it's fullest potential?  How about celebrity curators for our stores?  
    Consumers trust new and 'clean slate' brands more and think they are better. Does this have any effect on museums who used to be/are still seen as trusted resources because they have a history of educating the public about art, history. science, etc.? Also, word of mouth marketing is where it's at!
Megan Conn

Pop-up store sells chocolate for good deeds, not money | Springwise - 0 views

    Alternative money systems... I could see this working in museums that don't rely on admission revenue.  
    I saw this story--- thought there were some interesting possible lessons! There are major efforts in the alt currency space-- so I'd encourage you to keep thinking this one through... Ripe .. .
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