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Yoginder Aggarwal

10 Global Mysterious Events - 0 views

    The first "Floating Car" was spotting on Google Earth at Point Walter in the affluent south western Perth suburb of Bicton in January, 2006.
    An American girl accidentally found her great grandmother's face in the photo she took for her niece with her cell phone in August 2009, while her great grandmother had died in 1990.
    A baby 'Alien' was found alive by a farmer in Mexico, according to news from
    According to abroad media two Unexplainable Alien Images appeared on a piece of wall in some Southern city of Canada.
Yoginder Aggarwal

10 Places on Earth You Don't Want to Live - 0 views

    The World is a Giant Jigsaw Puzzle, spotted with both exquisitely Beautiful and potentially Dangerous Places.
    While you may dream of spending a Lifetime in some of the True Paradises-on- Earth, you should be equally wary of stepping up in some Real Hell Spots for your own safety.
    But not everyone is fortunate enough to get a Cozy and Safe Home and there are Places on Earth where people are actually living on the Edge of Peril.
    Here are Top 10 such Nightmarish Places on Earth where you would never want to Live.
Yoginder Aggarwal

2 Suns on 21th June 2010 - 0 views

    2 Suns on 21th June 2010
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    will ever see it again

    Star Aderoid will be the brightest in the sky, starting 10 June.
    It will look as large as the Sun from naked eye.
    This will culminate on 21st June when the Star comes within 34.65M miles of the Earth.
    Be sure to watch the sky on 21st June at 12:30 pm.
    It will look as if the Earth has 2 Suns..!!

    The next time Aderoid may come this close is in 2287
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