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Social EPG: The Next Step Towards Social TV? - - 0 views

  • With the new iPad App available for free in the App Store you are able to decide what TV program you will watch, based on social media buzz around that program.

Sesame Street to become first interactive TV show | Reuters - 0 views

  • Microsoft has paired with the classic children's show, "Sesame Street," to create what they called the first "two-way" television experience.

Will Robert Kyncl and YouTube Revolutionize Television? : The New Yorker - 0 views

  • For the past sixty years, TV executives have been making the decisions about what we watch in our living rooms. Kyncl would like to change that. Therefore YouTube, the home of grainy cell-phone videos and skateboarding dogs, is going pro. Kyncl has recruited producers, publishers, programmers, and performers from traditional media to create more than a hundred channels, most of which will début in the next six months—a sort of YouTV. Streaming video, delivered over the Internet, is about to engage traditional TV in a skirmish in the looming war for screen time.

NBC stations partner with Instagram for viewer photos - 0 views

  • Several NBC owned-and-operated stations have teamed up with to solicit viewer photos to use on-air and online. While the station sites have their own photo upload capability, the new partnership taps a thriving community of 15 million mobile phone photographers on Instagram.

Leave It to Mark Burnett to Once Again Innovate Television with ACTV8 - PR Newswire - s... - 1 views

  • Mark Burnett—one of the most successful global producers and the acknowledged pioneer of reality programming in the US — is set once again to make a major leap forward that is sure to reinvent the broadcast and cable worlds.  Mark Burnett has teamed up with technology company ACTV8.ME, to usher in a whole new world of audience participation and integration with television. Now, anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device will be able to interact, socialize, consume, share and participate in real time, all while watching his or her favorite TV shows.

Social-Media Smackdown: Packers Fans vs. Saints Fans | What the Trend: What's Trending ... - 1 views

  • You know who's really happy today, other than Packers fans? The person or people tweeting for @NBCSportsPR, which has been in victory-lap mode this morning with posts like these: "Packers-Saints 17.2/28 overnight is second-best NFL Kickoff Game Ever & second-best NBC Primetime NFL game ever #NFLKickoff" and "NBC dominated the primetime competition and defeated its closest competition among the broadcast networks by 238% #NFLkickoff."

Short and tweet: audience feels connected - 1 views

  • Montreal new-media expert Laurent Maisonnave measures the impact of TV shows on socialmedia outlets like Twitter and Facebook, and he just finished compiling a ranking of the top Canadian-made series in terms of their influence on those two ultrapopular social-media networks. Tout le monde en parle landed in the No. 5 spot on Maisonnave's pan-Canadian Twitter/Facebook Top 10 chart.

Tablet Device Usage Overtaking Print, Radio & TV [Infographic] #SEWatch - 1 views

  • Admob (the mobile ad network owned by Google) recently surveyed 1431 tablet device owners to learn more about their usage habits.
  • owners are now spending more time using their tablet devices than they are reading magazines or newspapers, listening to the radio, using their laptop or smartphone and watching TV.
  • The shift in attention from traditional media platforms to "the second (dual) screen" is an important change for marketers to note, so we visualized the data in the AdMob report to help you make more sense of it.

Jimmy Fallon Plugs Band With QR Code [VIDEO] - 0 views

    "In the old days, when a musician pushing a new album appeared on a talk show, the host would hold up the album cover, but Jimmy Fallon this week may have started a new trend by offering up a QR code instead."

How Social Media is Changing the Business of Television - 0 views

  • There’s no question that the real-time conversations around TV shows on social networks — the virtual water cooler, if you will — enhance engagement and drive on-air ratings.
  • If you prove yourself to be an influential fan, the smart marketers will incent you to do more with rewards, which will eventually result in even more advances in user behavior.
  • We’ve tracked our real-time water cooler, dubbed the “Bravo Talk Bubble,” and found that it has delivered a 10% lift to The Real Housewives of New York.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • But ratings are just part of the picture. Social conversation about TV creates a real-time map, with peaks and valleys around programming that can really inform producers.
  • Tools like the Trendrr dashboard or Sysomos should now be a part of any forward-thinking television network’s tool set in an effort to incorporate fans’ participation into the business of show creation.
  • TV conversation usually spikes during prime time hours and the day after a program airs — the classic water cooler pattern. The next challenge for content creators is figuring out how to drive the conversation 24/7. The goal is to pull others into the cultural discussion and debate at any time, anywhere they may be
  • There’s always risk tied to this openness. If a certain character is driving buzz and another is a buzz kill, everyone will know it.
  • The people you watch television with are no longer restricted to your living room. Access to real-time conversation around shows, personalities and products must be a part of TV networks’ basic road map.

P&G Shifts Marketing Strategy From Soap Operas to Social Media - 0 views

  • Consumer products manufacturer Procter & Gamble Co. is said to be ending its 77-year run as a prominent sponsor and producer of soap operas — a genre the company helped create — in favor of producing more campaigns using social media.
kerrygorgone - 1 views

    Consumers like TV ads the most, mobile ads the least.

YouTube - Google I/O 2010: Google TV Keynote, Day 2 - CEO Partner Panel - 0 views

    A video from the partner panel where CEOs discuss Google TV and its potential. The CEOs of Adobe, Intel, and BestBuy are among the panel members.

Google TV Ads Help Online Gift Merchant | Practical eCommerce - 1 views

    "When it comes to marketing, many merchants think of pay-per-click ads, or search engine optimization or even email newsletters. But one merchant has successfully used television advertising. He is Jamie Salvatori, founder and owner of, a retailer of unusual gift items. He uses Google's TV ad interface, via the AdWords' platform, to great effect. He's here today to explain TV advertising, and Google's TV ad interface, to us."

Google TV Has Arrived [VIDEO] - 0 views

    Google officially unveiled Google TV at its Google I/O conference today. We've heard lots of rumblings about Google TV over the last few months, but today the product was demonstrated before a live audience.
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