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Twitter Use 2012 | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project - 1 views

    As of February 2012, some 15% of online adults use Twitter, and 8% do so on a typical day. Overall Twitter adoption reamins steady, as the 15% of online adults who use Twitter is similar to the 13% of such adults who did so in May 2011. At the same time, the proportion of online adults who use Twitter on a typical day has doubled since May 2011 and has quadrupled since late 2010-at that point just 2% of online adults used Twitter on a typical day. The rise of smartphones might account for some of the uptick in usage because smartphone users are particularly likely to be using Twitter.

Pinterest: Everything You Need To Know Is In This Massive Post - SocialMouths - 3 views

  • Let me guess, you heard about Pinterest. Or more like, you can’t spend 15 minutes online without hearing about it…

    And now you’re thinking, “should I jump on the wagon too?” or “another social network to keep up with?” and on top of that, everybody is talking about using it for marketing and getting tons of traffic and, you just don’t see it.

    Alright, I hear you. I’ll give you everything you need to know about Pinterest and a bunch of resources so you can decide if you or your business are ready to join the hottest trend online.


Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers [INFOGRAPHIC] - 1 views

  • Pinterest, a two-year-old social bookmarking site that lets users collect and share things they like on the web, is driving increasingly significant amounts of traffic to retailers’ websites.

How Journalists Are Using Facebook to Share the News - 0 views

  • Facebook is a treasure trove for journalists — with the ability to message almost anyone and search for people based on location, college, employer and interests, it’s a great platform for finding sources. Just this April, Facebook even launched Journalist Pages.
  • What You Post Affects Engagement
  • Diversify Your Post Content
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Coverage Trends
  • What gets people talking? Education, politics and your own thoughts. Here’s a breakdown of content subjects and how they perform as compared to the “average” Facebook post:
    • Education posts got twice as many Likes.
    • Politics received 70% more Likes and 60% more comments.
    • Journalists sharing their own thoughts and analysis saw 40% more Likes.
  • Reporting is a 24/7 job, but Facebook activity comes in waves. While you can’t determine when news will happen in order to achieve optimal engagement, you can strategically promote your content — like an upcoming special report — to a more engaged audience at certain times.
  • Journalists tend to receive the highest amount of feedback later in the week, from Thursday through Sunday. Sunday has the best engagement, with posts seeing 25% more Likes and 8% more comments than an “average” post.

Facebook Demographics Revisited - 2011 Statistics | Social Media Today - 0 views

  • Facebook is bigger than ever, now the most visited site on the internet. So, I’ve updated the statistics below, and included some new ones, so that we can all be informed, and dispel any myths about Facebook user demographics. Like the original post, I’m writing this one to help avoid the need for us to explain over and over again, who uses Facebook, and instead direct people to this post. Here is the most recent data on Facebook that you can use to enlighten yourself and others on just who uses Facebook and where they come from.

Why Chinese Social Networks IPO In The US? - - 0 views

  • Massive markets like China see their social networks grow with the speed of light. So are we surprised to see that China’s largest social network Renren filed for an initial public offering with US regulators to raise up to $573,1 million?
  • Shares in the e-commerce site Dangdang jumped 87% on the first day and have continued to increase in value. Baidu, China’s answer to Google, has been listed on the NYSE since 2005 and its shares have risen 4,660% to date.
  • The number of internet users in China hit 420 million in June 2010, more than any other nation, according to the state-run China Internet Network Information Centre.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Here’s an overview of some other Chinese market leading portals and platforms.

5 Tips for Maintaining Brand Consistency Across Social Media - 1 views

  • For anyone pondering the idea of maintaining brand consistency across social media, here are a few pointers from people in the trenches, including Michael Sunden, director of the New York office of branding firm Landor Associates, Sarah Hofstetter, senior vice president, emerging media and brand strategy at digital agency 360i, and Brian Clark, CEO of GMD Studios.
  • 1. Establish Your Brand Voice
  • 2. Invite Commentary Instead of Chest-Thumping
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • 3. Be Relevant
  • 4. Don’t Aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion
  • 5. Know Your Audience

163413_479288597199_9445547199_5658562_14158417_n.jpg 2368×1179 pixels - 1 views

    Where is Facebook? Check out this graphic to find out.

Marketing Magic: How Kraft Built a Thriving Social Community Around Cream Cheese - 0 views

    "Asking kitchen-savvy women to not only invent their own dishes, but also shoot, edit and upload videos to a contest website seems like a recipe for disaster. But when Kraft invited women to do just that in its latest online promotional campaign for Philadelphia Cream Cheese, it got about 5,600 more responses than the 400 it set as its goal. With Paula Deen at its helm, what was intended to be a one-year campaign blossomed into a thriving social network of more than 30,000 women."

Here's What Comes After The Social Graph - 0 views

    Great explanation of the "social graph," and how that term plays out in several major social networking contexts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
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