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Social Media And Content Marketers Need A Better Measurement System - 1 views

  • How do you measure the number of people your digital marketing efforts reach? More specifically for those of you using content marketing, blogging or similar activities on your website, how are you quantifying that success? Is it Google Analytics or other website measurement tools? Is it the number of RSS feed readers for your syndicated content? A combination of both?

    To put it bluntly, if your CEO passed you in the hall five minutes from now and asked, “How many people read our blog each day?” what number would you quote?

  • Since there’s really no mark of consistency in all these measures of the number of people who consume your content, we are forced to pick one or two and monitor trends and percentages, rather than totals.
  • Pick a couple of measurement platforms you’re comfortable with (ease of use, reports, exporting data, etc.) and stick to them. Look for trends and percentage changes, not hard numbers.
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  • We Need Better Measures

    Google owns Feedburner. I thought one of the reasons they bought the company was to marry the RSS service to its Analytics package and give us more complete reporting of what happens to and with our content once it’s published.

  • Give me a service that I can plug in website analytics, content syndication analytics and maybe even backlink or social sharing data based on the individual pieces of content … and one whose measures are generally accepted as being a valid interpretation of the server’s logs or other data … and I’ll recommend it to the world.

    If that animal exists, I’m guessing it’s tucked away in some $10K per month enterprise system that 99 percent of the world can’t get to. The question then becomes who will build the same mousetrap and set it free?

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