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Less Than 10% Of The Web In 2012 Is Mobile Ready - 1 views

  • Mobile’s overall share of Web traffic in the United States has increased to about 9% (according to StatCounter) which is also the same percentage of Quantcast’s Top Million sites that are deemed ready for mobile in 2012 according to data from the Mongoose Metrics Data Series.

    Since there wasn’t the same data pull last year, it could be compared loosely to data from Brand Anymore in late 2010, which determined that of 7,000 retail websites only 4.8% were mobile ready – a nearly doubling of the Web’s mobile readiness in a year.

  • Why this is important is due to consumers preferring a mobile website over an app for price comparisons, reviews and actual purchases on their mobile device, according to the results of Adobe’s Mobile Experience Survey in 2011, which means they are most likely to use a search engine.

Mobile Banking App Usage Increases Dramatically in 2011 - 0 views

  • In Q2 2011, 16 percent of the total U.S. mobile audience age 13+ reported using their mobile devices for accessing financial information or carrying out a financial transaction. While browser usage continues to be the dominant channel for banking services on a mobile device, app usage has seen a dramatic increase in the previous year – largely due to the popularity of smartphones and investment of financial institutions into their mobile channels. By Q2 2011, banking app usage had risen 74 percent from nearly a year go, followed by app usage among credit card users (up 58 percent).

Augmented Reality Continues to Confound Mobile App Users | Mobile Marketing Watch - 0 views

  • According to a thought-provoking study published Wednesday by Ypulse, “even tech-savvy millennials are baffled” by augmented reality technology, particularly when its infused in mobile apps on leading smartphones.

Report: 62 Percent of Smartphone Owners Download Apps - 0 views

  • According to new data out from Nielsen, 62% of U.S. smartphone owners have downloaded apps in the last 30 days, with users reporting having an average of 33 apps installed on their device — up 22% over last year.

MediaPost Publications Pillsbury Targets Tech-Savvy Mom With App Campaign 12/06/2011 - 0 views

  • General Mills’ Pillsbury believes the generation of moms raised on email, Web and texting are also ready to use their smartphones to activate a TV spot. A new TV campaign for the brand’s Crescent baked goods can be recognized by the popular Shazam smartphone app to trigger mobile screens full of complementary content.
    Pillsbury Targets Tech-Savvy Mom With App Campaign

Mobile - Mobile Web Traffic to E-commerce Sites Surges 300% : MarketingProfs Article - 0 views

  • Mobile Web traffic to high-traffic e-commerce sites grew more than 300% during the 2010 online holiday shopping season over levels registered during the same period a year earlier, according to a report by Conductor.

    Among some 18 million visits to those five sites from November 1, 2010 to January 1, 2011, visits via mobile devices grew more than 300% over the same period one year earlier.

  • Among the sites tracked, Apple iOS devices accounted for more than two-thirds (67.1%) of visits to e-commerce sites during the 2010 holiday season.
  • As of December 2010, 47% of mobile subscribers were connected media users as of December—browsing the mobile web, accessing applications, downloading content, or accessing the mobile Internet via SMS—up 7.6 points from the previous year, according to separate research from comScore.
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  • Meanwhile, smartphone ownership increased roughly 58% during the year, from 17% in 2009 to nearly 27% in 2010.
  • In view of those adoption growth rates, the trend toward mobile commerce is likely to continue, both in the use of mobile devices to obtain real-time price and product information—and in accelerating the shift in spending from offline to online, according to comScore.
  • iPhone accounted for 39.4% of traffic, followed by the iPad with 22.8%—though it was launched in 2Q10. Google's Android operating system was a close third (21.6%), followed by RIM's  BlackBerry (10.6%).

A New Social Location Based Service - - 0 views

  • Two weeks ago (11 November 2010) Whatser 1.0 was officially launched.  A new location based service which is supposed to help us discover new locations. Whatser 1.0 is a applicition, currently only available on the iPhone, that suggests where to go based on places you and your friends like.
  • Whatser have made sure that when launching the application the users can connect from all of their existing social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla and Foursquare.
  • ll give suggestions on the nearest store, bar, restaurant or club where Heineken is sold.
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  • Another key to success is a well defined business model. Whatser has developed a branded tag to a location. So when a location, for example a bar, is selling a Heineken beer, Heineken can tag that location. When a user searches for Heineken, Whatser will give suggestions on the nearest store, bar, restaurant or club where Heineken is sold.
  • The bar recommended by your friends is at the top of the list.
  • Of course Foursquare and Facebook Places are already major players on the market and Whatser has a long way to go, but I do see practical benefits. Going on holiday or visiting cities can become much more interesting.

One In Three US Consumers Download Mobile Apps, 25% Of All Apps Are Used Daily | Mobile... - 0 views

  • New research out from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) as part of the September 2010 U.S. Mobile Consumer Briefing indicates that one in three US consumers download mobile applications, and that a quarter of all apps downloaded are used on a daily basis.
  • 10 percent of mobile consumers who have downloaded apps described their most used app as one that can be used for ordering or purchasing products. This indicates that apps are fast becoming a consumer shopping and sales tool offering both mass-market reach and intensity of usage.
  • To place an app on the mobile desk-top that commands consumer attention on a daily basis should be on every marketer’s “to do” list as they plan for 2011.”
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  • Some other key findings from the survey include:

    • Sixty percent of those surveyed said their “most used” app provides entertainment
    • Twenty-two percent of respondents expect to download more apps next than they have this year, while 40 percent expect to download the same amount
    • Over the next year, mobile users will seek new apps focusing on entertainment, restaurants, banking and travel
    • As free apps supported by advertising represent about 31% of all downloaded apps, apps represent a significant advertising opportunity for brands
    Eye-opening stats about mobile apps underscore the importance of mobile marketing in the time to come.

Use Augmented Reality to Locate Sex Offenders in Your Area [APPS] - 0 views

  • Just in time for door-to-door Halloween festivities (i.e. that one night every year when millions of U.S. children venture to the doorfronts of strangers in quest of diabetes-inducing confections), consumer background checking company has released a mobile app to help consumers locate registered sex offenders in their areas.
  • The company has partnered with the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) and Antoine Dodson (of “Bed Intruder” fame) to help promote awareness about the app and sexual violence crimes. Five percent of all proceeds from sales of the app will be donated to RAINN.
    "How to Parlay Viral Fame into a Lucrative Endorsement Deal," by Antoine Dodson. Alternately titled "I Told You Augmented Reality was Useful."

Entering The Disruptive Era Of Mobile Healthcare - 0 views

  • While still in its infancy, we’re entering a potentially disruptive era in which the devices we all carry are connected directly to the healthcare ecosystem to provide a wealth of two-way information.
  • Numerous apps already exist that help individuals track nutritional and fitness levels, for instance, and patients can often use this data to link to individuals with similar health goals and/or illnesses via social networking.
    "One of the most promising segments of the fast-paced mobile industry is the innovation we're seeing in mobile healthcare."

Augmented Reality: Rogue Art Exhibition at MoMA | MobileBehavior - 0 views

  • On Saturday, October 9th, NYC's Museum of Modern Art will be home to a rogue augmented reality art exhibition. Visitors with Android or iPhone devices will be able to admire an unofficial showing -- with or without the museum's permission.

15 Mobile Translation Apps for the International Businessperson - 0 views


The Most Popular Brands on Foursquare - 1 views

    Major companies are incorporating location-based networking platform Foursquare into their marketing mix. Check out what they're doing, and consider whether it might be a good platform for your company.

Papa Sangre: Mobile Game Explores Worlds Through Sound | MobileBehavior - 0 views

    The first game to use sound only, without visuals!

Mobile commerce | Features | New Media Age - 1 views

    "The rise of smartphones has finally made mobile a viable channel for etailers. But that doesn't mean it fits everyone."

Tiffany & Co. Brings Engagement Ring Shopping to the iPhone [VIDEO] - 0 views

    "Boyfriends and bachelors beware: Tiffany & Co.'s iPhone app [iTunes link] for engagement rings arrived in the App Store today, and it's been carefully engineered for getting clueless and/or commitment-phobic grooms onto the engagement ring floors of Tiffany stores."
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