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Hershey's sweet success and reaching mobile moms « iMediaConnection Blog - 0 views

  • Today's case study from Chris Cox, Hershey Company's global digital marketing lead, provided an excellent example of just how powerful digital has gotten. Hershey's purely digital effort, launched in an effort to revamp the 116-year-old brand's image and improve cocoa sales, resulted in factory sales that exceeded expectations by more than 15 percent.

Hitting the Mark: A Collection of Creative Advertisements - 2 views

  • Today we would like to share with you 30 creative advertisements that made people stop and take notice using inventive and entertaining ways.

10 Brilliant social media video case studies to help give you inspiration - 1 views

  • Brands and businesses seem to love sharing all their case studies for their marketing campaigns these days for a little extra exposure but they also provide a great way to get some extra inspiration for all you marketers out there. We share a brilliant marketing video over on Simply Viral every day and you can browse through the archives of them here but I wanted to highlight what I think are 10 of the best from the last couple of months. If you have spotted any good case studies or have even done one yourself feel free to share them in the comments here because the more we all have the more we can learn and take inspiration from.

When it comes to social media, Coke is it! | Opinion | Marketing Week - 1 views

  • Last year Pepsi shocked American marketers by announcing a major change in its US brand strategy.
  • After 10 years and $150m of investment in Super Bowl TV ads, Pepsi passed up the chance to buy any media during Super Bowl 2010. Instead, as part of a wholesale shift away from traditional media, Pepsi invested as much of 50% of its American branding budget into social media.
  • At the heart of this new strategy was the Pepsi Refresh Project. Using Facebook, Twitter, live Ustream video and an iPhone application, consumers were encouraged to suggest social causes that would “refresh the world”.
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • The response was spectacular: 80 million votes registered; 60,000 followers on Twitter; 4 million “likes” on Facebook.
  • There was only one snag. For all the big social media numbers and even bigger talk of communication revolutions and social movements - Pepsi’s sales started to slide.
  • And Coke’s didn’t.
  • Last month the Wall Street Journal reported that both Pepsi and Diet Pepsi had each lost about 5% of their market share over the past 12 months in the US - that’s about half a billion dollars worth of sales. And market share was not the only thing Pepsi had lost, for the first time in living memory it also lost its number two spot. Diet Coke is now the second biggest cola brand in the US.
  • as John Sicher, the editor of Beverage Digest, more plainly put it: Pepsi needs “more product-oriented advertising and marketing”.
  • Second, not only is Pepsi aware of the failings of social media, it is now reversing course. More money is to be pumped back into traditional media including a $60m sponsorship deal with the American version of The X-Factor. So much for social media movements, Pepsi is going back to traditional media moments before it’s too late for the brand.
  • My argument against social media was never that it was pointless or worthless - just that its advantages and applications have been wildly overstated by those who will benefit most from its adoption. It certainly does add an interesting new set of tools to the traditional media mix that brand managers should consider. But it is not a new platform. It is not a new way of thinking. And it is clearly not the end for traditional media. Social media adds an extra couple of options to the integrated marketing mix that could prove worthwhile for some brands, and entirely unnecessary for others.
Kenneth Cossin

67 case studies that prove social media ROI - 2 views

    67 case studies that prove social media ROI - an important read for anyone that underestimates the power of social media!

Pepsi Hits 'Refresh' on Donor Project - - 0 views

  • PepsiCo Inc. is revamping a charitable-giving program created to boost its corporate image and sales of its flagship cola but marred by complaints of vote-rigging and other irregularities.
  • Pepsi will get rid of the Refresh Project's biggest $250,000 grant category—the main draw for large organizations and many alliances. It will also limit to five (down from 10) the number of causes for which voters could cast ballots each day. Starting in May, it will award nearly twice as many smaller grants of $50,000 or less, which tend to be sought by smaller groups.
  • Pepsi is eliminating the categories of environment and health, which attracted health-advocacy groups that formed alliances, and whose causes Pepsi says didn't always reflect the lighthearted nature of its brand.
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • Pepsi also is implementing a lottery system to select charities each month to eliminate the first-come, first-served practice that rewards savvy applicants who submit ideas within seconds of the registration opening.
  • The changes are meant to make the second year of the Refresh Project more democratic and in keeping with the "optimistic and fun" spirit of Pepsi-Cola, said Jill Beraud, chief marketing officer for PepsiCo Beverages America.
  • Early grant winners included cheerleading squads for disabled students and a project to make school bus windshields more aerodynamic. Bruce Springsteen and pop star Rihanna asked fans to vote for their pet causes, and charities cheered the emergence of a new source of funding in a tight economy.
  • Ms. Beraud said the Refresh Project is already the best-known online charitable giving program, recognized by a third of consumers. "The whole notion of allowing consumers to have a voice is really the wave of the future," she said.
  • Independent bottlers say they hope the changes will help sell more soda. "People feel good about [Refresh] and I think it's neat, but it doesn't translate to, 'I'm going to buy Pepsi,'" said Brian Charneski, who leads a cooperative of 16 independent Pepsi bottlers in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Indeed, many voters and grant winners say they don't generally buy soda. Don Evans, who runs a Vancouver homeless shelter that won a $25,000 grant in October, said his clients would have had no place to store their belongings were it not for the Refresh Project. But the shelter doesn't serve soda, and Mr. Evans says he doesn't even drink it.
  • Ms. Beraud said the Refresh Project is exceeding Pepsi's goals for engaging consumers. More than 76 million votes have been cast and the program has been featured in thousands of local newspapers and television stories which praised Pepsi for creating an innovative social-media program.
  • Pepsi is so enamored of the Refresh Project that it plans to expand it to China and parts of Latin America this year.
  • PepsiCo shares are up 8% in the past year, but have been outpaced by shares of rivals Coca-Cola Co., up 15%, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc., whose stock is up 26%.
  • Pepsi believes that the Refresh Project will help it sell more soda. "We always expected that sales would come over the long term," Ms. Beraud said.

Ben & Jerry's Complete Rejection Of Conventional Wisdom - 0 views

  • I was at a conference recently where Ben Greenfield from Ben & Jerry's was the lunchtime keynote speaker.  The thing that struck me about the talk was how a very unlikely duo became very successful by ignoring conventional wisdom at every turn.  Here are some of the ways they ignored conventional wisdom that I liked a lot:
  • To try to stimulate sales in the winter, they offered a penny off for each degree below 32 degrees it was that day.
  • [Does this spur any creative packaging ideas for your business?]
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • They had a heck of a time getting merchants to buy their ice cream from them since they already stocked Haagen Dazs and other flavors.  In order to break the logjam, they offered to BUY BACK any unsold ice cream from the stores.
  • [How about you try doing a money back guarantee for your product as a test -- might it work better than all traditional marketing stuff combined?]
  • Once Pillsbury (Haagen Dazs parent company) found out about their distributors carrying both products, they threatened to pull out of their arrangements with them.  Ben & Jerry's went on a "What's The Doughboy Afraid Of" offensive against Pillsbury. 
  • [Is there a clever way to upset the distribution model in your industry?]
  • When they were about $3million in annual revenue, they wanted to expand.  All of their advisors told them to talk with venture capitalists and private equity folks.  They didn't like that idea, so they did their own version of an IPO.  They sold shares in Ben & Jerry's for $126 each door-to-door and store-to-store in Vermont and raised $750k
  • When they were well down the path and quite successful, Jerry went to one of his advisors and said he wasn't happy and was thinking of selling the business.  His advisor said, "If you don't like it, change it -- your the CEO."  Ben never thought about it that way and set about making some radical changes to the company to align it with the way he thought a business should be run.  The most glaring of these changes was that 7.5% of the company's pre-tax profits was put it into a foundation that supported organizations that the employees thought helped social and environmental issues.
  • [Could you spin up a similar program that would help your bottom line at the same time as it helped a good cause:  1+1=3?]


Marketing Magic: How Kraft Built a Thriving Social Community Around Cream Cheese - 0 views

    "Asking kitchen-savvy women to not only invent their own dishes, but also shoot, edit and upload videos to a contest website seems like a recipe for disaster. But when Kraft invited women to do just that in its latest online promotional campaign for Philadelphia Cream Cheese, it got about 5,600 more responses than the 400 it set as its goal. With Paula Deen at its helm, what was intended to be a one-year campaign blossomed into a thriving social network of more than 30,000 women."

Yankee Magazine: Still Viable Thanks to Digital Content - 0 views

  • A very early adopter of online content, Yankee Magazine, the 75-year-old magazine has been publishing a favorite feature from its archives on its website every weekday.
  • Jud Hale, Yankee’s editor-in-chief, delivers a monthly podcast, which began in 2000, and is credited as the first offered by a consumer magazine.  He says, “The publishing industry changes are mostly in the delivery system. The editorial meetings are the same as they were 40 years ago,’’
  • Delivering relevant content, taking advantage of new channels of content distribution such as video, changing formats to meet the needs of the reader - all of these efforts continue to make Yankee magazine viable in a struggling industry.

Papa John's Pizza Contest Pairs Social Media and R&D | ClickZ - 0 views

  • Lots of companies are using social media to pick customers’ brains for product improvements. But pizza chain Papa John’s is going way beyond that, welcoming customers into its R&D and marketing departments via a promotion on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The national social marketing initiative is called Papa's specialty pizza challenge, and it is putting three customer-designed pizzas on the menu for the month of August.
  • The company has given $1,000 to each of the pizza creators to promote her pie and the highest selling pie will remain on the Papa John’s menu after August. The winning pizza designer will get one percent of the sales of her creation, up to $10,000, plus $480 worth of free pizza a year for 50 years.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Initially, online buzz about the contest was sluggish, (a video of the judging on YouTube got only 164 views in July), but then the finalists got into the act, using social media to drum up interest among their existing online networks.
  • Each finalist is using a different marketing approach; all are posting regularly on Facebook and related blogs and frequently on Twitter
  • To make the initiative work, Papa John’s had to break through some traditional silos, says Ensign. “The PR and research and development departments are working together with marketing on this,” he says. “Our corporate chef is backing these [customer-created pizzas] as passionately as he backs his own creations.”
  • It’s no gimmick, insists Ensign. “Rather, it’s a way to leverage what we already do, talking to our customers about quality and getting ideas for new pizzas from inside and outside the company. Now, we are making it more public.” The social media elements are a “natural evolution of our use of word-of-mouth. The technology gives us more tools,” he says.
    Papa John's interactive pizza contest engages fans, generates buzz. Note how Papa John's had some internal work to do, getting different departments to work together and get behind the promotion.

Case Study: Using Social Media to Market Events - 1 views

    Addicted to Social Media (a2sm) provides details on how it stepped in at the last minute and used social media to promote a special event. End result: sold out. This case study includes great insights into the limitations they faced (late start, older target audience), and what elements were on their side (huge star speaking at the event).

Domino's Foursquare Rewards Promotion Helped Boost Revenue By 29% | Mobile Marketing Watch - 1 views

  • During its financial earnings report, Domino’s UK praised the use of social media campaigns together with an innovative Foursquare rewards promotion for helping the pizza chain increase revenues by 29%, or an extra $26 million.
  • The promotion was unique in that Domino’s encouraged patrons to check-in at their locations, even though none of them offer dine-in services.
  • Looked upon as a way to drive foot traffic into their locations, the promotion did drive pick-up orders and helped eliminate costs associated with delivery, as well as offer a viral effect when a user would check-in at a Domino’s location and all their friends would be exposed to the domino’s brand.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • The company is mixing mobile marketing with social media and Online marketing to engage consumers on all relevant levels, and it’s paying off in terms of revenue growth.
    Domino's UK credits Foursquare promotion and social media with a 29% increase in sales. 
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