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YouTube channels statistics in group brands - Socialbakers - 1 views

  • YouTube channels statistics in group brands

    Below is a rank of all YouTube channels we are currently monitoring.

  • YouTube channels statistics in group brands

    Below is a rank of all YouTube channels we are currently monitoring. If you would like to monitor a specific YouTube channel,

  • If you would like to monitor a specific YouTube channel

5 Tips For Better Business Storytelling - 1 views

  • For marketers, this is more than an existential question. It's an opportunity to tell your story. Your story has enormous power. It's time to harness it.

Imperica - Finding Facebook - 1 views

  • "This morning my yoghurt told me to find it on Facebook. It didn't tell me why, it just told me to find it. Why on Earth would I want to find a yoghurt on Facebook? It's a yoghurt!"

    This brief rant from my boss inspired me to do a little experiment. I called it Find us on Facebook, for it is this generic, uninspiring and uninformative 'call to action' that is slowly starting to get plastered on every piece of communication the world over: from TV adverts, to email newsletters, websites, posters and - yes - even yoghurt pots.

    I proudly announced that I will live a week as a "social consumer", without entirely realising what I was letting myself in for. Every time a brand said "Find us on Facebook", I will Like their page and capture the experience. It sounded simple and innocuous enough, but I had naïvely expected that this yoghurt and its lack of effort - or inspiration - may have been a one-off.

    It wasn't.

  • Over the course of a week, 46 brands (that I had noticed) asked me to find them on Facebook with a variety of different messages and calls to action: find us, like us, search for, follow, visit. What shocked me was that out of those 46 brands, only 10 of them had actually provided me with a reason to like them on Facebook
  • The other thing that really struck me was the number of brands with whom I had existing relationships – via email newsletters – who were requesting me to join them in another channel: Facebook. 16 of the 46 brands I ended up Liking came from email newsletters that I'd previously chosen to subscribe to. Only 1 of those brands, though, actually provided an incentive to make the leap from email to social media. I literally had no reason to bother with the other brands, as I was already receiving their deals and offers, and they weren't giving me a reason either.
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  • The sad thing is that brands are actually building really fun, engaging content in these spaces, but they're not making people aware of them. The Fosters channel, for instance, is full of exclusive Alan Partridge content, starring Steve Coogan and written by Armando Iannucci. Their TV ad, however, had nothing more than a URL. Had it included "... for exclusive Alan Partridge episodes", then Fosters would have opened its brand Facebook page up to a whole wealth of people who felt genuinely motivated to click Like.

  • If you're reading this and you work in advertising, or you're a marketer working for a brand – next time you think about telling your consumers to find you on Facebook, consider telling them why.

10 Tips for Posting on Your Brand's Facebook Page - 0 views

  • Once your brand is on Facebook, the question becomes: How you engage those fans and sustain a meaningful online dialogue with your customers.
  • Let’s explore ways we can create updates that are optimized for the News Feed and engagement.
  • 1. Don’t Automate Your Status Updates
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  • 2. Don’t Be Afraid to Show You’re Human
  • 3. Do Post More Photos and Videos
  • 4. Do Put Your Fans in Charge Every Now and Then
  • Not afraid to crowdsource? Your Facebook Page is a perfect place for it.
  • 5. Do Target Your Status Updates
  • If you are a global brand, make good use of targeting. We sometimes forget that not all of our fans want to know about campaigns or contests we are running in a specific region or country. Target your updates by country or language as necessary. In the U.S. you can even target by state and city.
  • 6. Do Ask Questions and Involve Your Fans
  • 7. Do Watch Your Post Frequency and Timing
  • 8. Do Have a Unique Voice
  • 9. Do Diversify Your Content
  • 10. Do Track the Performance of Your Posts

5 Tips for Maintaining Brand Consistency Across Social Media - 1 views

  • For anyone pondering the idea of maintaining brand consistency across social media, here are a few pointers from people in the trenches, including Michael Sunden, director of the New York office of branding firm Landor Associates, Sarah Hofstetter, senior vice president, emerging media and brand strategy at digital agency 360i, and Brian Clark, CEO of GMD Studios.
  • 1. Establish Your Brand Voice
  • 2. Invite Commentary Instead of Chest-Thumping
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • 3. Be Relevant
  • 4. Don’t Aim for Consistency, Aim for Cohesion
  • 5. Know Your Audience

The Biggest Brands on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC] - 1 views

    "In the past few years, big brands have started taking social media seriously, and Facebook marketing is a big part of the plan for many companies. However, even big brands struggled to amass a Facebook following or extract value in the beginning. Coca-Cola, one of the world's most recognizable brands, for example, had 800 Facebook fans in November 2007. It has 16.5 million now..."

    "In this infographic, we explore the timeline of brand-friendly updates to Facebook itself, as well as the brands that dominate in Facebook marketing today."

Gap and Knowing What Your Fans Want - 0 views

    Gap changes course on their logo redesign after negative press from fans. The solution? Let fans submit their own logos!

5 Reasons Why Your Interns Are Better At Social Media Than You Are - 1 views

    A short list of reasons interns manage social media better than their employers. Lessons are easily applied, so you can have a trusted brand ambassador at the helm and ultimately have them prove as skilled as a tech-savvy intern.
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