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Rapportive - 0 views

    "Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox."

SMB Owners Still Not Sure About Social Media - 1 views

  • According to RatePoint:

    • 47 percent of SMB owners either aren’t sure or don’t think their customers spend time on social media sites.
    • 24 percent of SMB owners don’t think their customers do research online before finding them.
  • Earlier this year, Nielsen reported that the world now spends more than 100 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites, equating to 22 percent of all time online, or one in every four and a half minutes.
  • Sixty-nine percent of consumers say they’re more likely to interact with and use a local business if they can find it on a social networking site.
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  • Local search company 15miles partnered with comScore to measure consumers’ search behaviors and how they were interacting online in the Local Search Usage Study. What they found was that that the ROBO effect (Research Online, Buy Offline) was very much still in place. According to their data, consumers in all age ranges prefer to go online first when looking for local business information.
  • Facebook crossed the 500 million member mark back in July, and Twitter has more than 100 million registered users, with 30,000 new people signing up every day. People are using these networks, and your customers are guaranteed to be among them. If you’re not there, it means you’re ignoring customers (and potential customers).
  • For example:

    • 81 percent say it’s important for businesses to respond to a post.
    • 78 percent want to see promotions.
    • 74 percent want regular posts.
    • 66 percent want to see pictures.
  • It’s surprising to me that at the end of 2010, nearly half of SMBs still aren’t sure their customers are using social sites to interact with brands and get trusted information.
  • Whether or not you think your customers are using social media, they are.

Here's What Comes After The Social Graph - 0 views

    Great explanation of the "social graph," and how that term plays out in several major social networking contexts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

The Most Popular Brands on Foursquare - 1 views

    Major companies are incorporating location-based networking platform Foursquare into their marketing mix. Check out what they're doing, and consider whether it might be a good platform for your company.

Truly Tackling "Social Media" Will Require a Deep Shift in Corporate Logic | Fast Company - 0 views

  • I've consistently seen conjecture, and occasionally even numbers, to back up the point that recessions drive innovation. In particular, one of the oft-repeated "truths" is that a down economy clears us of outmoded thinking as companies are forced to become leaner and more creative to stay alive. I'm sure that's the case in many respects. However, equally as "true" is the often deep-seeded inability of corporate infrastructure to adapt.

  • Sadly, this nature of fighting change until there's no alternative course is not particular to the media industries, who are perhaps much quicker to innovate than many other sectors.
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  • This resistance is particularly apparent as we watch a growing number of companies realize that "social media" or "digital communication" is becoming a reality they now must accept.
  • brands looking at "social media" as simply a new conduit to push out its messages are really missing the point.
  • This new platform which is print and broadcast and a carrier for one-on-one conversation challenges the medium-specific approach corporate communication and marketing (not to mention sales, customer service, research and development, and other key divisions) have taken for decades.
  • Most fundamental of all is how digital communication forces a brand to see, perhaps for the first time, the true nature of how "marketing" spreads.
  • Media coverage, marketing messages, a "social media presence"...all are conduits to provide material for the audience. For any of these "offerings" to truly gain resonance, however, marketers must say the "serenity prayer." You put messages out there, but you ultimately can't control how people will use or interpret them. Instead, you have to listen.
  • This doesn't mean only listening to what a vocal minority says online and doing whatever they say, but it does mean taking advantage of listening to the often influential voices now talking about a brand, or the issues that company thinks about.
    Why some businesses are slow to adopt social media, and why they need to overcome this resistance to stay relevant.

New social media site makes donating to charity easy - - 0 views

  • How many times have you missed an opportunity by a day or even an hour to retweet a message on behalf of your favorite charity? (#AmericaWants, anyone?)
  • The newly established website (@JustCozApp) gives non-profits a new voice and Twitter users a new opportunity to never miss an opportunity to electronically lend a hand.
  • The goal of the platform is to get Twitterers to donate a Tweet per day to one or more non-profits of their choice.
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  • Since its debut in June, 1,200 people have signed up to donate Tweets through JustCoz.
  • Instead of manually having to retweet a non-profit's original Tweet, JustCoz serves as a middleman, automatically retweeting on your behalf.
    A new way to give: donate your tweets to the charity of your choice!

6 Challenges to Managing a Brand on the Social Web - 0 views

    6 social media heavyweights identify some of the social media challenges facing brand managers, and provide tips on overcoming them.

LinkedIn Improves Groups with Follows and Likes - 1 views

    Enhancements to LinkedIn groups include "Likes" and follows, to enrich the networking experience.

Pete Cashmore Talks Web Trends, Groupon, and the Evolution of Media [VIDEO] - 1 views

    Mashable founder and CEO Pete Cashmore answers some important questions about the future of social media. SPOILER ALERT: He's a Groupon fan!
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