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Free fonts by Gary Dykes - 0 views

    # Aram44.ttf - old Aramaic characters
    # BLDgrk.ttf - Greek44.ttf - Greek44s.ttf (these 3 form a family, and the Greek44s is composed of Greek abbreviations with the supralinear stroke!. Abbreviations for many Greek NT terms - God, Lord, heaven et al, each typed from a single key!)
    # Coptic44.ttf - NEW!! Updated for Old Coptic and other rare glyphs (over 150 glyphs!). Old style lower case Bohairic and Sahidic included.
    # Disp_44.ttf (a display/title font)
    # G100XTRA.ttf (a font complementing the Goudy Hundred font, this adds many foreign language (mostly Europrean) characters and accents.
    # Goudy100.ttf (the primary English text font, has many added features and TC symbols) - Goudy_B.ttf (the bold Goudy100) Goudy_It.ttf (the italic Goudy 100) and Goudy_IT_BD.ttf (the bold italic font for the Goudy100 font). This font is from an original F. Goudy font, recreated by Stephen Moye, and further adapted by myself. Mr. Moye has kindly given permission for me to use and modify this nice serif font (and I heavily modified it!!).
    # Garys.ttf (a collection of papyrological symbols and symbols used in critical apparatuses (complements the Goudy 100 font)
    # Heb44a.ttf and Heb44b.ttf and Heb44c.ttf and Heb44d.ttf (four parts of a massive Hebrew font!, Most users will find all they need in the first part Heb44a.ttf). Has a 33 page PDF manual illustrating the entire collections of glyphs and special keys and functions. Download of this chart is 3 MB. A user can create the full BHS text, with most apparatus symbols! See the provided link.
    # Minu44a.ttf and Minu44b.ttf (a set of fonts which permit the creation of a beautiful Greek minuscule text!, must use to appreciate!) Based, in part, on minuscule 614 and several other actual NT Greek manuscripts.
    # Sabaen44.ttf
    # Syriac44.ttf (with a complementary set of alternative Christain Palestinain Aramaic glyphs) This Syriac font is old Estrangelo!
    # Ugar_44.ttf - Ugaritic font
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