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Carlos Planas

Coralie Marchisio | Facebook - 0 views

    Massive French bodybuilder.
    Employer: Extrem Body (trainer, owner)
Carlos Planas

Coralie Marchisio » Davidee L. Litmaki » Wall Photos l Facebook Foto - 0 views

    • Carlos Planas
      Huge Mazes!!
    Massive Frech bodybuilder Coralie Marchisio pumps-up at the Arnold's 2011. Great photo by Genex Huang.
    [foto BOD MAS fys fra Coralie Marchisio ama i w x xi ix MUX BULK xarms xfarms xlegs xthighs biceps quads whi med sia blo dye wav hax blue electricblue white pearled bikini hold weights dumbbells FTVideo Genex Huang eve comp Arnold Ms.I 2011 m03 na us usoh Columbus zzfbpi zzfb zzsn zzpi zzpil]
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