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Marco D

Sony Still Thinks the Vita is Doing Well - 2 views

    This is the same device that actually managed to sell LESS than the 3DS when it launched. When you launch hardware you have to have good software or else it will bomb.
    I agree they did not have good software for japan but I think they just need a monster hunter game and it will sell in japan just like the regular psp but the hardware for the vita is actually great i like the touch pad on the back and it is a great value it is the most powerful portable console out there. When it launches in North America i think it will do good because of all the great games like uncharted, wipeout and the like.
    But the system also has many flaws, like an irreplaceable (and short-lasting) battery, expensive proprietary storage, it's too big, and it's also too expensive, which Nintendo learned the hard way after the 3DS price drop thing. Sony is going to have to at least drop the price to be able to compete. Although I do agree that it will eventually have good software, it doesn't yet, and that can really hurt the system.
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