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Ira Garcia

DARPA's 'Avatar project' aims to give soldiers surrogate robots, make James Cameron pro... - 0 views

  • h a semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine and allow it to act as the soldier's surrogate." DARPA isn't talking about simple remote control rigs, either -- these 'bots are being designed to clear rooms, and facilitate sentry control and combat casualty recovery. The new budget also sets aside $4.1 million to design laser countermeasures to protect military weapons, well, lasers -- ensuring that the future's robot soldiers will be nigh indestructible when they rebel against their human hosts.
    I guess in the future, wars won't be called "bloody" anymore because these guys, namely DARPA, are creating robots that would take the place of human soldiers. With the use of complicated interfaces and algorithms, they are aiming to enable these robotic avatars to effectively partner with their respective human soldiers. Amazing but at the same time scary because the more technological advances in weaponry means the more destructive the war will be. Another thing is they are trying to make these soldiers indestructible as possible. What if those robots start a rebellion or something? Just saying.
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