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James Zabbal

FreedomPop Announces The Privacy Phone, A Fully-Encrypted Smartphone For $10 A Month | ... - 0 views

    This article is about a new phone being released by a company called FreedomPop. FreedomPop is an internet service provider that provides mobile service in the US. The phone is known as the Privacy Phone. It is the only phone currently on the market that allows for encrypted communications. It supposedly has 128 bit encryption for voice calls and text messages. Data from the internet is sent through a virtual private network, which is very secure and encrypted. Also the privacy phone allows you to change your phone number whenever you like.I think this is a great idea because many people can be hacked easily these days and finally there is a private way for people make calls, texts and access the internet. With that being said, who knows how long it will be before someone successfully hacks and bypasses the security on this phone.
Robert Augustynowicz

Alcatel OneTouch Idol X makes a solid debut in Canada - 1 views

    An android smartphone called the Alcatel One Touch Idol X has been released in Canada on February 11th. It has average specs compared to the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s while costing a lot less. Without a contract the Idol costs 250 dollars while with a Bell 2 year plan it has a price tag of 0 dollars. The operating system of the Idol X is a modified version of jellybean 4.2.2 giving the phone noticeable difference but still keeping the android feel. Also the Alcatel smartphone has a beautiful design. It looks a cross between an iPhone and the Samsung galaxy S4. Finally, on paper this phone is near perfect but the next couple months will put it to the test in real life situations.

Why Smartphone, Laptop, and Airplane Batteries Explode - 0 views

    The article i chose is about why Smartphone, Laptop, and Airplane batteries can explode. These batteries are lithium-ion batteries and are less expensive and more energy dense than than regular batteries which is why many people use them. These batteries don't just short circuit, they explode into flames and the batteries explosive tendencies are the result of a process known as thermal runaway. This means that the increasing temp. causes the system to get hotter which increases the temp. and so on. The causes of this are short circuits, temperatures exceeding 60 degrees C, repeated overcharging, or unauthorized modifications to the case. This occurs very rarely but just to be on the safe side all you have to do is make sure you don't repeatably overcharge, and replace the batteries every 36 months or so to avoid pushing a worn cell to hard. 

    This relates to the selected tag economics because some companies such as apple took out 1.8 million iBook and PowerBook battery packs after just nine reports of overheating. It also relates to Portable Computing because your computer can overheat and be damaged forever.   
justin venturo

Smartphone Replaces Red Cards in Pro Soccer Match - 0 views

    This article is about how now even in pro soccer leagues, referees can use a smartphone app called Referee Pro to give people cards. It is set to official FIFA rules which means anyone anywhere can use it. 
    I found this article interesting because it shows how technology is taking over. People can't even do something as simple as pull out a card. Do you really need a phone app ?
    This relates to class because we always talk about apps and stuff. 
    lol apps and stuff
Nikita Varabei

Which smartphone system is right for you? - - 0 views

    All of us either own a phone or want one, but which one is the right pick for you? Well your in luck because this article talks just about that. It compares the three operating systems that are making it big right now: Android, IOS, and Windows.

    In this comparison There are many discussions but in the end it comes down to a few points. First off all, there is the android. This system is making a huge impression even though the others have been around for longer. Overall this seems to be a phone who know more about technology and are really into customizing, and controlling their phone.

    Then there's is the iphone. This phone is popular with a large quantity of people and is famous for its app store. This phone is for those that want a simple phone that is used often for entertainment.

    Last but not least there is the Windows phone. Windows has been a computing big-shot for a long time and is growing even bigger with its new Windows 8 platform. Whats neat is that both the PC and the smartphone from windows will be running the same OS, which will really make things easier for those interested in connecting the 2 and etc. This phone is for those who are using windows and want their systems to connect, and for those who want a simple interface or those who often use Microsoft Office.

    In the end, all these systems are amazing and it's really up to your personal needs and preferences.
Ira Garcia

1-Bit Camera: Take Your iPhone Pics Back in Time - 0 views

    This new app that is available for iPhone's or iPad's lets you take pics in one-bit quality, this give it the affect of your pics being "back in time". I find this article very interesting because its a very advanced app.
    This article is about an iPhone app the lets you take 1-Bit pictures. Nowadays, new models of cameras are rapidly coming out to the market with higher resolutions after the other.  Isn't just nice to just sit down, relax, take 1-Bit pictures and reminisce the past? You betcha! This app is available for a cheap price of $0.99.
Holly Di Bart

Don't Hold Your Breath For A 3D Samsung Smartphone | TechCrunch - 0 views

    This article is about how Samsung is not coming out with a 3D smartphone any time soon. Samsung told Engadget that they have no immediate plans to include displays featuring 3D technology in their upcoming smartphones. I found this interesting because I wonder how many people would enjoy a 3D phone. I think that for movies and games on your phone it would look really good. I also found this interesting because I wonder why Samsung is not coming out with smartphones that have 3D features. 
Jason Strassler

Dell gives up on the smartphone dream - Cell Phones & Mobile Device Technology News & U... - 0 views

    This article explains how Dell, one of the largest and most successful PC makers in the world, has given up on a possible creation of their own smartphone. Dell expressed that they tried multiple times to produce a product that would be successful in the US smartphone market, but with a number of devices facing some serious bugs as well as a problem with slow speed, the company did not see positive results and they decided to trash the idea and process once and for all to focus on other opportunities. Dell is not getting out of the mobile device business altogether thanks to sales and success with devices sold in Asia and Japan, and the company will continue making low-cost phones and tablets for sale in emerging markets. With smartphones becoming a very successful and poplar device that many customers are increasingly taking an interest to, this setback has to worry or concern Dell because they are not able to compete will other huge named brands and companies in the mobile device bushiness. Dell has had it's highs and has had success over the years with products and devices, but maybe this is a wake up call that they don't have the money, resources, and high praise that more well-known companies do and this could be a huge factor to why the amount of success, more specifically in the phone industry, hasn't been enough to be a top contender in the mobile business altogether.
Ira Garcia

Add-on turns a smartphone camera into a joystick (video) -- Engadget - 0 views

    This article is about an add on that turns your smartphone's camera into a three axis joystick. This was developed by researches from Keio University as an approach to the problem-- getting your screen blocked by your finger when you play. This works by tracking how the markers move as the elastic device deforms. 
Jizelle Pineda

Samsung Galaxy Beam Is Both a Smartphone and Projector - 0 views

    This article is about a new phone that has not officially been allowed on the market yet but is already well known. This device is called the Samsung Galaxy Beam. This phone has a projector on the top of the phone which can project a 50-inch wide image. The phone is 800x400, has a 6GB of memory, and has a 5-megapixel camera.
Veronica Misko

VooMote Zapper Turns Your iThing Into A Universal A/V Remote | TechCrunch - 0 views

    This article is about how you can now plug a zapper onto an i-pod,i-phone or i-pad and it can become a remote for your TV. I think this is a good thing for people to buy because then you can easily control your tv with your apple device. As well, there is a less chance of it breaking. Furthermore its not very expensive and I believe it is good for apple users. 
    It's actually surprising  how you can download such an app on your iphone, ipad, or ipod. You can actually have your control over your home entertainment. Long time ago, you had to get up and actually click a switch to change the channels, but now it's like better than a remote, and easier.  It's good that this app is free, that way many people would be interested in getting this app, and actually using it. 
Sarah Karam

Hasbro reinvents Lazer Tag for the smartphone generation - 1 views

    this article is about using your Apple iPhone or iTouch as an add-on to a new Hasbro Nerf Laser Tag game. i think its pretty genius using your iPhone or iTouch as your own screen, but i also think that they should be other types of laser tag "guns"
    This article is about how you can plug in your iphone or ipod to plastic guns and play laser tag. You can get the app and it shows you where you hit your friend, what level you are etc. I think its good for this generation because teens these days enjoy playing shooting games and almost everyone loves lazer tag. I believe this is a great game that's coming out because I know I would want to play it, and its something fun to do with all your friends.  
Serena Zaccagnini

Siri Gives Apple a Two-Year Advantage Over Google, Says VC - 0 views

    Siri may have given Apple the boost they needed to remain on top and above Google. They may have given themselves at least a two-year advantage over Google in the on-going battle for the best smartphone platform. Siri crossed the threshold of being able to directly communicate with your device, and it is huge. Google has a program called Voice Actions, but Siri really understands what you mean. And it's personable. For example, it responds to "I love you, Siri," with "I love you too." Why shouldn't Apple be on top? They have cracked a code that Google has yet too, and the technology for this will haunt the people at Google's nightmares for the next long while.
Nicolas Pagnotta

BlackBerry Bold 9900 And Curve 9360 Earn The MasterCard PayPass Cert, First SIM-Based S... - 0 views

    New to the world of phones and transactions alike: the Blackberry Bold 9900 and Curve 9360 are the first SIM-based smartphones to earn the "MasterCard PayPass Certification." This means that MasterCard thinks the phones are advanced and secure enough to handle MasterCard's NFC-based Paypass system. Now that this has been decided, any MasterCard Paypass-issuing bank can give a PayPass account to the SIM card in these phones. As a Vice President of RIM puts it, this is a "significant step forward in the way we use mobile devices for payments." Indeed, VP, indeed. This quite the large leap for Blackberry, and Blackberry users alike, as it will affect the way we do our business and transactions, and therefore out everyday lives. Jealous, Apple & Co.? 
    The latest in RIM's collection of Blackberry's have now been deemed secure enough to handle Mastercard's pay pass system which means that when one of these phones SIM cards is encrypted with a pay pass account it will allow the user to make payments from their Mastercard account through their smartphone
Serena Zaccagnini

A Case Of The Drops: Is Third-Party Smartphone Insurance Necessary? - 0 views

    Many people have a smartphone, and we all know how dangerous carrying one can be. It's kind of like carrying glass - it can break at any time. Original equipment warranties DO NOT usually cover phone repairs if it is broken, or has water damage. So, some look to third-party device warranty companies. SquareTrade is a company like such, and it gives insurance for what Apple and other OEMs don't cover. Thought it might feel like a scam to you, it's probably worth the money, to protect your phone. phone companies are great for giving you phones, just not for fixing them. So, what other option do we have?
Matthew Favret

Apple Bans Phone Story Game That Exposes Seedy Side of Smartphone Creation | GameLife |... - 0 views

    As many of you know smart phones are all the rage today. But I really don't think that anyone really stops to think.... how are these devices produced? Well in September of this year one app developer tried to get this out to the world. This developer created an app entitled "Phone Story." This application shows the negative aspects and the abuse and hard labour many of the workers must go through, which many times ends dramatically. 
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