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amber smith

Yallabid Daily Winners - 0 views


    There are more than thousand of winners in Yallabid monthly. These users are actively participating in Yallabid since it was launched and they kept on winning various items at very low prices like iPad 2, macbooks, iPhones, desinger perfumes, laptops, everything they have it all... To be one of the lucky winners simply Visit It's easy and fun..
amber smith

Best Online Auction Site in Middle East - 0 views

  • is a solid online auction site where you can have a real chance at grabbing the items you truly want and Yallabid is definitely one you're going to like. With so many products and in-site features to assist you it's more than easy to get your hands on things like electronics, power tools, kids toys, gift cards and much more.

    What Yallabid offers?

    Yallabid offers a massive huge discounts on electronics everyday . Yes you heard it right. Enjoy the daily discount in all the latest and got to have items that you wish for… iphones, apple products, laptops, tablets, kitchen wares, designer perfumes, home accessories, just say it and they have it …

    Wonder how to get these real cheap items?

    Many of us are dying to get huge discounts on electronics that we wish for and normally we prefer to look more on these discounted promotions through online because its easy to find using our finger tips.. In Yallabid it is not just 10% discount but it is indeed 95% off retail price. Visit the site, register and participate for a chance to win. Yallabid is easy and typical type of an online auction where the one that make the last bid will win. They also offer free auction for newbies which is very fascinating, fun, totally nothing to lose.

    How to win an Auction:

    1. If you are a newbie do not bid on expensive items. The higher a product cost the higher competition it is.

    2. If the site is new, your chances of winning is pretty high as they only have few users.

    3. Before bidding on expensive items first, observe other bidders actions before taking your action.

sania malik

World's Oldest Car Sells At Auction For $4.6 Millions - 0 views

    The world's Oldest and Historical Car which was built in France in 1884, sold for more than twice its estimate at auction Friday in Hershey, Pennsylvania.the name of that car The De Dion-Bouton nicknamed "La Marquise"The late Texas collector John O'Quinn had bought the historic car, which participated in the first automobile race in 1887 and four separate London-to-Brighton runs, for $3.5 million in 2007.
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