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Bonnie Sutton

Broadband Adoption Key To Jobs and Education Connect To Compete - 1 views

Connect To Compete Overview Washington, DC - Last week, Chairman Genachowski unveiled his pr...

connect to Compete Genachowski Pew Charitable Trust national effort address the digital divide

started by Bonnie Sutton on 21 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

Overhauling Computer Science Education - 1 views

Overhauling Computer Science Education Students from elementary school through college are learnin...

problem solving computational thinking and abstract reasoning computer science education

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Bonnie Sutton

America's Next Educational Crisis - 1 views

America's Next Educational Crisis Posted: 07/ 1/11 11:51 AM ET High-quality teachers are critical to acc...

162 Keys to School Success Franklin Schargel Teacher training education career

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Claude Almansi

La formación permanente del profesorado, un error de diseño | XarxaTIC - 0 views

    Posted by xarxatic (Jordi Martí) on Aug. 25, 2011 "... la autoformación del docente (mediante el apoyo de una comunidad -que no se encuentra en cursos reglados-) está siendo la única capaz de crear y mejorar las capacidades docentes del profesorado (a nivel de nuevas tecnologías y mejora de praxis). Por tanto, ¿a qué esperamos para reformular esta formación "oficial" y reconvertirla en esa formación individualizada y guiada que tanto se necesita? O, ¿por qué si la realidad demuestra que la autoformación en comunidad es la que da un mejor resultado, no se intenta aprovechar por parte de la Administración ese camino?"
    Translation of the quotation: "... teachers self-training (with a community's support that isn't available in formal courses) is the only one that can create and improve the teaching capacities of the teachers (at the level of new tech tools and improvement of praxis). Therefore, what are we waiting for before we reshape that "official" training and convert it into this so needed personalized training? Or: why, given the evidence that self-training within a community gives the best result, does the Administration not take this path?"
Bonnie Sutton

NCTQ Teacher Education Study an 'Outrage,' AACTE Says | Main | Different Meas... - 1 views

Stephen Sawchuk Stephen Sawchuk, a former federal education beat writer, turns his inner policy geek to digging around in the weeds of the teaching profession. Join him as he explicates the polic...

teacher Training at a meta level new project highly qualified teachers

started by Bonnie Sutton on 21 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

National Cyber Security Alliance Announces New Agreement with the U.S. Department of Ed... - 0 views

National Cyber Security Alliance Announces New Agreement with the U.S. Department of Education, NIST and National Cybersecurity Education Council to Promote Formal Cyber Security Education Programs...

Stay Safe on Line . the cybersecurity

started by Bonnie Sutton on 28 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

Connect to Compete Residential Survey Information - 1 views

Top tech firms back open Internet in FCC letter October 12, 2011 Today, it was announced that national nonprofit Connected Nation is a key strategic advisor and partner in a major national public...

underserved core competencies Residential survey technology expansion programs disproportionale adoption gap

started by Bonnie Sutton on 15 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

FCC to Tell Phone Companies to Follow Low-Price Rule for Schools - 1 views

PARTNER CONTENT By Jeff Gerth, ProPublica Premium article access courtesy of

E rate FCC Phone companies Low price rule for schools.

started by Bonnie Sutton on 09 May 12 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

The Ironies of Teacher Appreciation Week - 1 views The ironies of Teacher Appreciation Week By Valerie Strauss Last Fri...

teacher appreciation dismissal ironic

started by Bonnie Sutton on 10 May 12 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

Teachers Resist High-Tech Push in Idaho Schools - 0 views

By MATT RICHTEL POST FALLS, Idaho - Ann Rosenbaum, a former military police officer in the Marines, does not shrink from a fight, having even survived a close encounter with a car bomb in Iraq. He...

High tech push online Idaho tablets Laptops vanguard. teacher back

started by Bonnie Sutton on 04 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

STEM Heavily Featured in NCLB - 2 views

STEM Heavily Featured in New 'No Child' Legislation By JASON KOEBLER October 13, 2011 RSS Feed Print After months of prodding from President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne ...

Tags: No Child Left Behind STEM education slow motion train wreck

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Bonnie Sutton

STEM - 2 views

WASHINGTON, DC-October 18, 2011-U.S. News & World Report together with Innovate + Educate, STEMconnector™, and over 40 key organizations representing industry and education, will hold a major natio...

education jobs for the future Broadening engagement stem shortage skilss

started by Bonnie Sutton on 23 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton


what you're sayingTHE LIBRARY: FREE, DIGITALLY HIP & COOL Ed Weiner A recent opinion piece called into question the Free Library's place in our digital world. A quick stop on - ou...

E books free philadelphia digital library cool

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Bonnie Sutton

XSEDE Project - 1 views

Shodor Announces XSEDE Project BY Hillary Stoker, Staff A partnership of 17 institutions, including Shodor, has committed to developing the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (X...

XSEDE National Center for Supercomputing Applications scott Lathrop shodor UNC

started by Bonnie Sutton on 12 Dec 11 no follow-up yet
Vanessa Vaile

Dracula - 0 views

    • Vanessa Vaile
      Premonitions/ foreboding, sleeping and waking. Compare to Jonathon's journal at the castle. Also where this fits in with timetable. Hyperlinking cross-references would be handy here.
  • The clock was striking one
  • There was a bright full moon, with heavy black, driving clouds, which threw the whole scene into a fleeting diorama of light and shade as they sailed across.
  • ...65 more annotations...
  • ruins of the abbey coming into view, and as the edge of a narrow band of light as sharp as a sword-cut moved along, the church and churchyard became gradually visible.
  • it seemed to me as though something dark stood behind the seat where the white figure shone, and bent over it.
  • flew down the steep steps to the pier and along by the fish-market to the bridge, which was the only way to reach the East Cliff. The town seemed as dead, for not a soul did I see.
  • I could see a white face and red, gleaming eyes.
  • I ran on to the entrance of the churchyard. As I entered, the church was between me and the seat, and for a minute or so I lost sight of her. When I came in view again the cloud had passed
  • she was still asleep
  • she was breathing, not softly as usual with her, but in long, heavy gasps, as though striving to get her lungs full at every breath
  • she put her hand to her throat again and moaned
  • Fortune favoured us, and we got home without meeting a soul
  • she rose without a word, with the obedience of a child
  • Lucy is sleeping soundly. The reflex of the dawn is high and far over the sea…
  • she looks better this morning than she has done for weeks
  • two little red points like pin-pricks, and on the band of her nightdress was a drop of blood.
  • Fortunately it cannot leave a scar, as it is so tiny
    • Vanessa Vaile
      reference to scar
  • twice during the night I was wakened by Lucy trying to get out
  • to bed with the key on my wrist as before
  • brilliant moonlight, and the soft effect of the light over the sea and sky, merged together in one great silent mystery
  • flitted a great bat, coming and going in great whirling circles
  • suddenly Lucy murmured as if to herself… "His red eyes again! They are just the same."
  • She appeared to be looking over at our own seat, whereon was a dark figure seated alone
  • The red sunlight was shining on the windows of St. Mary's Church behind our seat, and as the sun dipped there was just sufficient change in the refraction and reflection to make it appear as if the light moved
    • Vanessa Vaile
      COLORS: black, red, white, grey. Despite being in the country, few (if any?) references to green or blue (skies)
  • she is fretting about something. I wish I could find out what it is.
  • Lucy was languid and tired, and slept on after we had been called
  • She confided to me that she has got her death warrant.
  • her heart is weakening
  • 17 August.--No diary for two whole days. I have not had the heart to write. Some sort of shadowy pall seems to be coming over our happiness. No news from Jonathan, and Lucy seems to be growing weaker,
  • I trust her feeling ill may not be from that unlucky prick of the safety-pin.
  • the tiny wounds seem not to have healed. They are still open, and, if anything, larger than before, and the edges of them are faintly white.
  • LETTER, SAMUEL F. BILLINGTON & SON, SOLICITORS WHITBY, TO MESSRS. CARTER, PATERSON & CO., LONDON. 17 August "Dear Sirs,--Herewith please receive invoice of goods sent by Great Northern Railway. Same are to be delivered at Carfax, near Purfleet, immediately on receipt at goods station King's Cross. The house is at present empty, but enclosed please find keys, all of which are labelled.
  • boxes, fifty in number, which form the consignment, in the partially ruined building forming part of the house and marked 'A'
  • The goods leave by the train at 9:30 tonight, and will be due at King's Cross at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.
  • Lucy is ever so much better. Last night she slept well all night, and did not disturb me once.
  • "I didn't quite dream, but it all seemed to be real. I only wanted to be here in this spot. I don't know why, for I was afraid of something, I don't know what.
  • I heard a lot of dogs howling
  • I went up the steps
  • It seemed a little uncanny to me
  • My soul seemed to go out from my body and float about the air. I seem to remember that once the West Lighthouse was right under me, and then there was a sort of agonizing feeling, as if I were in an earthquake, and I came back
  • At last, news of Jonathan. The dear fellow has been ill,
  • 19 August.--Joy
  • I am to leave in the morning and go over to Jonathan, and to help to nurse him if necessary, and to bring him home.
  • My journey is all mapped out, and my luggage ready
  • "I write by desire of Mr. Jonathan Harker, who is himself not strong enough to write, though progressing well,
  • He wishes me to say that he has not sufficient money with him, and that he would like to pay for his staying here, so that others who need shall not be wanting for help.
  • He has told me all about you, and that you are shortly to be his wife. All blessings to you both! He has had some fearful shock
  • his ravings have been dreadful, of wolves and poison and blood, of ghosts and demons,
  • we knew nothing of his friends, and there was nothing on him, nothing that anyone could understand. He came in the train from Klausenburg, and the guard was told by the station master there that he rushed into the station shouting for a ticket for home. Seeing from his violent demeanour that he was English, they gave him a ticket for the furthest station on the way thither that the train reached.
  • 19 August.--Strange and sudden change in Renfield last night.
  • You don't count now. The master is at hand.
  • it is some sudden form of religious mania which has seized him
  • It looks like religious mania
  • the God created from human vanity sees no difference between an eagle and a sparrow.
  • For half an hour or more Renfield kept getting excited in greater and greater degree. I did not pretend to be watching him, but I kept strict observation all the same.
  • "The Bride maidens rejoice the eyes that wait the coming of the bride. But when the bride draweth nigh, then the maidens shine not to the eyes that are filled."
  • If I don't sleep at once, chloral, the modern Morpheus! I must be careful not to let it grow into a habit.
  • had lain tossing about, and had heard the clock strike only twice, when the night watchman came to me, sent up from the ward, to say that Renfield had escaped.
  • The attendant told me the patient had gone to the left, and had taken a straight line, so I ran as quickly as I could. As I got through the belt of trees I saw a white figure scale the high wall
  • He was talking, apparently to some one
  • Chasing an errant swarm of bees is nothing to following a naked lunatic
  • I heard him say… "I am here to do your bidding, Master. I am your slave, and you will reward me, for I shall be faithful. I have worshipped you long and afar off. Now that you are near, I await your commands
  • His cries are at times awful, but the silences that follow are more deadly still,
  • "I shall be patient, Master. It is coming, coming, coming!"
Jim Shimabukuro

Rupert Murdoch uses eG8 to talk up net's power to transform education | Media | - 6 views

    "Rupert Murdoch uses eG8 to talk up net's power to transform education News Corp chairman claims 'Victorian' schools are 'last holdout from digital revolution' Kim Willsher in Paris, Tuesday 24 May 2011 18.10 BST Rupert Murdoch, the News Corporation founder and chairman, used his address to the eG8 Forum in Paris on Tuesday to call for more investment in education and "unlocking the potential" of the world's children. Murdoch said it was not a question of putting a computer in every school, but concentrating on opening up opportunities for youngsters to flourish by using targeted and tailored software. News Corp moved into the $500bn (£310bn) US education sector in late 2010, paying about $360m in cash for 90% of technology company Wireless Generation, which provides mobile and web software to enable teachers to use data to assess student progress and deliver personalised learning."
  • ...5 more comments...
    From Harry Keller
    Interesting contrast with Murdoch's attitude in 2009 - see - but is it really a contrast?
    We've had Ely Broad, Bill Gates, and a host of other billionaires (even George Lucas) attempting to "fix" our education system. They're not doing so well. What is so interesting to me about Murdoch, despite his pirate-like business practices, is that he sees what I think is the real direction for the future of education. Oddly unlike his right-wing colleagues, he's not pushing for vouchers or more school privatization. Unlike the technocrats, he's not pushing for more and more computers in schools. He sees the solution to our schooling problems as "targeted and tailored software." Many (maybe most) countries, including the U.S., lack the political will as societies to fix education the way that Finland did. Software is the other path. Much discussion today centers around the platform. Will we use smart phones or e-tablets or netbooks? Will we see $1 apiece apps as the learning modules or cloud-based solutions? Will our new learning software run on iOS or Android? All of that is window dressing and barely worthy of discussion. For me, Murdoch hit the nail on the head. We have too little software "targeted and tailored" to education or, at least, too little highly professional quality software.
    Errh yes about Murdoch pushing "targeted and tailored software" , Harry. But see also: "News Corp moved into the $500bn (£310bn) US education sector in late 2010, paying about $360m in cash for 90% of technology company Wireless Generation, which provides mobile and web software to enable teachers to use data to assess student progress and deliver personalised learning." So he is doing at software level what Microsoft etc were doing at hardware - and at times software - level: promoting his wares in a very juicy market. We've had "targeted and tailored to education" software for decades, now: LMSs, addons to office suites, etc. Some good, some bad. The problem with software that is targeted and tailored to education is that it is a) often boring; b) perforce based on an abstract general idea of education; c) often remote from what gets used outside school. Would it not be better to train teachers in adapting whatever software is generally available, be it desktop or on the cloud, to fit their and their specific students' needs?
    My point is simply that Murdoch gets it. His motives don't have to be pure for us all to benefit from the light he's shining on educational technology. Regarding the software, your points are well-taken. However, one extra qualification must be added. The software must be "good." That means it must avoid the problems you list.
    "Would it not be better to train teachers in adapting whatever software is generally available, be it desktop or on the cloud, to fit their and their specific students' needs?' I disagree with this analysis. Software not created for educational purposes will only adapt so far. It is, for example, word processing substituting for paper and pencil. That's worthy of doing but really makes no difference in instruction. When software is created specifically for learning, it can reach much more deeply into the learning processes. It's not just peripheral but central to learning. You can adapt lots of software to education in lots of ways, and I've read of many very clever adaptations. Almost all could be done without the use of a computer, albeit somewhat less efficiently but nonetheless effectively. I read Murdoch's call, which echoes something I've been saying for many years, as meaning that we have to build software that answers the necessities of learning. We don't have much today.
    Taking up your example of word processing as substitute for pen and pencil , Harry: true, and that's what I retorted in the late 1990's to a digitalophobe academic, when we met about the Italian translation of one of his books, and he boasted of having got a letter from a publisher saying he was their last author to deliver typescripts on paper and not as a digital file. I pointed out that cut and paste, copy and paste (the things he particularly hated the ease of in digital media) existed in the real world looooooong before computers, let alone PCs, let alone the Web. And yet... in 2007 I was asked to set up at very short notice an intensive preliminary French workshop for participants in a master course in intercultural studies: though in Lugano, the course was to be in French and English. I asked for access to the Moodle for the course, to store course materials there etc. The organizers refused: "The Moodle will only be explained to the students in the first week of the course proper". The idea that graduate students needed to have a Moodle explained to them in 2007 seemed peregrine, but rather than arguing, I set up a for-free wiki instead. At our first meeting, the students asked why we weren't using the Moodle, I repeated the official explanation, they laughed and got the hang of the wiki immediately. Then, for reading comprehension, they chose one of the assigned texts for the course: a longish book chapter they had received by e-mail as a grayish PDF based on a low-resolution scan, based on a reduced photocopy to make 2 pages fit on an A4 sheet: i.e. with no margin to take notes on. So we printed the PDF, separated the pages with scissors, pasted the separate pages with glue sticks on new A4 sheets, to get wider margins to write in. And then we made a wiki page for it, copied in it the subheadings, between which the students, added the notes they were taking, working in groups on the new paper version. Result:
Bonnie Sutton

The Physics of Animation - 4 views Miles O'Brien, Science Nation Correspondent Ann Kellan, Science Nation Producer The best animators k...

started by Bonnie Sutton on 13 Jun 11 no follow-up yet
Bonnie Sutton

-The hardest thing about imagining the future of public education is that the present i... - 1 views

San Jose Mercury News, Calif., Mike Cassidy column [San Jose Mercury News, Calif.] July 23--The hardest thing about imagining the future of public education is that the present is so terribly b...

public education terribly bleak out of the box teach relevant skills experiment preparing students for future

started by Bonnie Sutton on 24 Jul 11 no follow-up yet
Claude Almansi

Cathy Davidson: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (comment to David Palumbo-Liu's Literature, the Humanities, and the World) - 1 views

    Sept. 9, 2011 "...we have not yet even begun to develop the protocols for the new world of communication parallel with the ones we created for the 19th and 20th century world of communication. We will. We're fifteen years into the commercialization of the internet and now is the perfect time to begin thinking how to protect ourselves as worker in an "adjunct" world (and not just for academe), how to train ourselves as life-long learners to make the tools help us not use us. "
Bonnie Sutton

Reauthorization of ESEA - 1 views

By Alyson Klein A long-stalled, bipartisan rewrite of the widely-disparaged No Child Left Behind Act approved by the Senate education committee on Thursday faces steep political hurdles, with opp...

technology scrapping of ayp well rounded education halt to federally directed interventions

started by Bonnie Sutton on 21 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
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