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Claude Almansi

Unleashing the Potential of Educational Technology - White House - PDF - 0 views

    Executive Office of the President Council of Economic Advisers
    Unleashing the Potential of Educational Technology
    September 16, 2011


    Educational technology holds the promise of substantially improving outcomes for K-12 students, but there are significant challenges in bringing new educational technology products for this population to market. It is difficult for producers of these technologies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products to potential buyers and market fragmentation creates barriers to entry by all but the largest suppliers. The spread of broadband Internet and Common Core State Standards have improved the landscape for educational technologies, but these factors alone are likely insufficient for a "game changing" advance. Working together, stakeholders can form a plan of action to provide local school systems with easy access to good information about the effectiveness of various educational technology products and give prospective developers of these products access to customers on a scale sufficient to make it worthwhile for them to enter the market. The payoff - in the form of more effective and more widely utilized educational technologies, leading to better outcomes for students - could be enormous.
Claude Almansi

Boring Yet Important Structural Ed Tech Initiative - 0 views

    by Kevin Carey on September 26, 2011

    "Under the category of "policy stuff that doesn't involve grand controversy and/or vast sums of new spending, yet might actually make the world a better place," the other day I attended a White House event announcing the launch of Digital Promise, a "new national center founded to spur breakthrough technologies that can help transform the way teachers teach and students learn." The rationale for the initiative is contained in a Council of Economic Advisers memo ..."
Claude Almansi

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Strengthening the American Education System (transcript) | The White House - 0 views

    "The White House

    Office of the Press Secretary
    For Immediate Release
    September 24, 2011
    WEEKLY ADDRESS: Strengthening the American Education System

    WASHINGTON-In this week's address, President Obama told the American people that it is time to raise the standards of our education system so that every classroom is a place of high expectations and high performance. On Friday, the President announced that states will have greater flexibility to find innovative ways of improving the quality of learning and teaching, so that we can strengthen performance in our classrooms and ensure that teachers are helping students learn rather than teaching to the test. By modernizing our schools and improving the education system, the United States can continue building an economy that lasts into the future and prepare the next generation to succeed in the global economy."
Claude Almansi

Weekly Address: Strengthening the American Education System - YouTube - 0 views

    "Published on Sep 24, 2011 by whitehouse

    President Obama explains that states will have greater flexibility to find innovative ways of improving the education system, so that we can raise standards in our classrooms and prepare the next generation to succeed in the global economy."

    With captions and interactive transcript
    Captions and transcript can be downloaded from
Claude Almansi

Read the American Jobs Act (FULL TEXT) | The White House - 0 views


    Subtitle A - Veterans Hiring Preferences

    Sec. 201. Returning Heroes and Wounded Warriors Work Opportunity Tax Credits

    Subtitle B - Teacher Stabilization

    Sec. 202. Purpose
    Sec. 203. Grants for the Outlying Areas and the Secretary of the Interior; Availability of Funds.
    Sec. 204. State Allocation
    Sec. 205. State Application
    Sec. 206. State Reservation and Responsibilities
    Sec. 207. Local Educational Agencies
    Sec. 208. Early Learning
    Sec. 209. Maintenance of Effort
    Sec. 210. Reporting
    Sec. 211. Definitions
    Sec. 212. Authorization of Appropriations

    Subtitle C - First Responder Stabilization

    Sec. 213. Purpose
    Sec. 214. Grant Program
    Sec. 215. Appropriations

    Subtitle D - School Modernization

    Part I - Elementary and Secondary Schools

    Sec. 221. Purpose
    Sec. 222. Authorization of Appropriations
    Sec. 223. Allocation of Funds
    Sec. 224. State Use of Funds
    Sec. 225. State and Local Applications
    Sec. 226. Use of Funds
    Sec. 227. Private Schools
    Sec. 228. Additional Provisions

    Part II - Community College Modernization

    Sec. 229. Federal assistance for Community College Modernization"
    Tagged "Digital Promise" because of the important section on modernizing education.
Claude Almansi

Secretary Duncan Introduces the Digital Promise - YouTube - 0 views

    "Uploaded by usedgov on Sep 13, 2011

    Secretary Duncan introduces the Digital Promise"

    Shorter intro to the Digital Promise initiatie, with approximative subtitles and transcript.
    Other YT URL:
    Corrected captions and transcript can be downloaded from
Claude Almansi

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Announces Launch of "Digital Promise" - YouTube - 0 views

    "Uploaded by whitehouse on Sep 16, 2011

    Digital Promise is a new national center founded to spur breakthrough technologies that can help transform the way teachers teach and students learn. September 16, 2011."

    With captions and interactive transcript.
    Captions and transcript can be downloaded from
Claude Almansi

Digital Promise - Knowledge. Technology. Possibility. - 0 views

    "A new national center founded to spur breakthrough technologies that can help transform the way teachers teach and students learn.

    Empowering you with tools to help you reach every single student.

    Making it easier for you to turn a great idea into a product that delivers results for learners of all ages.

    Translating cutting-edge research on how we learn into cutting-edge technologies that can help us learn.

    Preparing Americans of all races, regions, and backgrounds to succeed in college and a career. ..."
    Main site of the Digital Promise initiative
Claude Almansi

It's not about tools. It's about change. « Connectivism - 0 views

    [George Siemens] June 12th, 2007

    "...It's the change underlying these tools that I'm trying to emphasize. Forget blogs…think open dialogue. Forget wikis…think collaboration. Forget podcasts…think democracy of voice. Forget RSS/aggregation…think personal networks. Forget any of the tools…and think instead of the fundamental restructuring of how knowledge is created, disseminated, shared, and validated.
    But to create real change, we need to move our conversation beyond simply the tools and our jargon. Parents understand the importance of preparing their children for tomorrow's world. They might not understand RSS, mashups, and blogs. Society understands the importance of a skilled workforce, of critical and creative thinkers. They may not understand wikis, podcasts, or user-created video or collaboratively written software. Unfortunately, where our aim should be about change, our sights are set on tools. And we wonder why we're not hitting the mark we desire. Perhaps our vision for change is still unsettled. What would success look like if we achieved it? What would classrooms look like? How would learning occur? We require a vision for change. It's reflected occasionally in classroom 2.0 or enterprise 2.0 projects. But the tool, not change centric, theme still arises. We may think we are talking about change, but our audience hears hype and complex jargon.
    What is your vision for change?"
    NB: I am tagging this post by George Siemens "Digital Promise" though it was published in 2007, because what he wrote then is very pertinent to the 2011 Digital Promise initiative.
Claude Almansi

CEC | Ask Arne: A Conversation with the Council for Exceptional Children's (CEC) Member... - 0 views

    "As I have travelled across the country visiting schools and classrooms and talking with teachers and parents, I have heard many questions about our plans at the U.S. Department of Education to support children with disabilities, their families, and the teachers who educate them and fight for them daily. To hear more about the issues affecting students with disabilities and their teachers, I asked CEC to contact members through an e-mail blast. Your response was overwhelming. Though CEC received more questions than we could possibly answer here, I have worked with your leadership to identify some of the central questions for educators of children with disabilities, and I have worked with my staff at the Department so that we can address them in this document. I would like to thank CEC members and all teachers of children with disabilities for their outstanding compassion and commitment and for the range of complex skills and talents you bring to teaching your students every day."

Systematic Changes in Higher Education - 1 views

    A paper by George Siemens and Kathleen Matheos
Claude Almansi

How Twitter will revolutionise academic research and teaching | Higher Education Networ... - 0 views

    Ernesto Priego, Sept 12, 2011
    "Social media is becoming increasingly important in teaching and research work but tutors must remember, it's a conversation not a lecture, says Ernesto Priego"
Claude Almansi

Education Week: Digital Edition: E-Learning for Special Populations - 0 views

    "This special report examines the growing e-learning opportunities for students with disabilities, English-language learners, gifted and talented students, and those at risk of failing in school.

    Download the digital edition. (Login or FREE registration required.)
    You can read the complete online version of the report here. "
Claude Almansi

Cathy Davidson: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (comment to David Palumbo-Liu's Literat... - 1 views

    Sept. 9, 2011
    "...we have not yet even begun to develop the protocols for the new world of communication parallel with the ones we created for the 19th and 20th century world of communication. We will. We're fifteen years into the commercialization of the internet and now is the perfect time to begin thinking how to protect ourselves as worker in an "adjunct" world (and not just for academe), how to train ourselves as life-long learners to make the tools help us not use us. "
Claude Almansi

Now You See It // The Blog of Author Cathy N. Davidson » Stagnant Future, Sta... - 1 views

    Sept. 6, 2011
    "Matt Richtel's panoramic essay, "In Classroom of the Future, Stagnant Scores." weighs in this morning on the topic of "Grading the Digital School." I found myself cheering and jeering alternately throughout this piece. Why? Because it so quickly confuses "standards" with "standardized test scores" and technology put into classrooms with "preparing kids for a digital future (actually, the digital present: it's here, it's now, like it or not). These confusions are so pervasive in our culture and so urgent that I want to take a moment to focus on them. "
Claude Almansi

EU_Educators on Matt Ritchel's article about the Kyrene school - 0 views

    Started by Joel Josephson, Sept. 4, 2011
    See also the various links provided in the discussion.
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