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Maija Hirvonen

From vocational training to open learning environments: vocational special needs education during change - Hirvonen - 2010 - Journal of Research in special Educational Needs - Wiley Online Library - 1 views

    This paper describes the development of education of students with special needs in vocational education.
Eila Burns

Remedial and Special Education - 0 views

    Remedial and Special Education (RSE) offers interdisciplinary articles that bridge the gap between theory and practice involving the education of individuals for whom typical instruction is not effective. Articles include topical reviews, syntheses of research, field evaluation studies, and recommendations for practice of remedial and Special education.
Eila Burns

The European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education - 1 views

    an independent and self-governing organisation, established by our member countries to act as their platform for collaboration in the field of special needs education.
Eila Burns

Journal of Learning Disabilities - 0 views

  • Journal of Learning Disabilities (LDX) provides specials series (in-depth coverage of topics in the field, such as mathematics, sciences and the learning disabilities field as discursive practice), feature articles (extensive literature reviews, theoretical papers, and position papers), research articles (reports of qualitative and quantitative empirical research), and intervention articles (overviews of successful interventions).
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