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Ant Heald

Text Mechanic - Text Manipulation Tools - 1 views

shared by Ant Heald on 26 Feb 13 - Cached
    Online text manipulation tools: copy and paste text into the broser, then tinker with it in various ways (eg. randomise lines of poems, merge lines, reverse text etc)
Ant Heald

IPA character picker 11 - 1 views

    Use IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) characters without having to remember complex codes or multiple keystrokes. Just pick the characters you need from the chart, and copy & paste them into your own document.
Ant Heald - The Rhetoric of Text Analysis - 1 views

    Simple but effective online text analysis tool.
Ant Heald

Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary and thesaurus - 0 views

    • Ant Heald
      I like the way this site categorises the semantic relationships between words. Exploring these concepts with students, especially when discussing language change, can be very instructive.
    Free visual thesaurus
  • is a subscription based service. This one is completely free.
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