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kenya gonzalez

Half of US food goes to waste - 1 views

    "Society of St. Andrew" This site talks about food waste in America, Global Food Waste, Environmental impact of U.S. food waste. This site also has links to other informational studies and reports and are helpful with this topic.
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    This article goes over a study created to determine the amount of food waste in America. The article also contains a comparison between just America' food waste and food waste Globally.
    This article talks about how America's food waste America the environment. It discusses the impact of global food waste as well. It concludes with information of a program to help improve the food waste problem.
    This articles main focus is primarially on food waste. It looks at it as a whole (Globally). it discusses the Environmental impact, and what the Society of St. Andrews Programs are all about. It defines the positive impacts that the ministry has already managed to have on the environment.
    Brief but informative description on food waste and its effects.
    This website was about food waste in America America included everywhere such as households, restaurants and so on. American wasted 12 percents of food and only three percents was recovered so the rest of them disposed in landfills.
    In this article it gives reasons why so much food is waste in America. After looking at all the food waste and searching through the food that is wasted they noticed most of the people don't know what they throw away.
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