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Discussion 4: Diigo/Sustainability - 26 views

Erick you're right but how do we do thwet? In the video we wwetched cutting cwerbon emissions by 80 percent seem to be the number one suggestion. but the UN decided on doing thwet in we longer time sp...

sustainability food waste discussion environment

Ashley Bussey

TLC Home "50 Ways to Never Waste Food again" - 2 views

    Great tips on how to cut down food waste. Cutting food waste how it helps you make yummy food in the kitchen. The last one is important to read.
    Original: "Use it up, aar it out, make do, or do without" is a favorite adage in both frugal and green circles, and it is something I strive to live by. One of the best ways to "use it up" is to think differently about our food and ways to avoid wasting it. Lloyd wrote a great a a while back about the statistics for how much food a waste in the U.S., and the numbers are, frankly, appalling. On average, a waste 14% of our food purchases per year, and the average american family throws out over $600 of fruit per year. Paraphrase: Half the loaf of bread goes stale and the grapes aren't as fresh. With an attitude to stop waste and some creativity, you can create new things with your food before it actually goes bad. Left over roasted vegetable can be made into soup and leftover rice can be added into oatmeal the next morning. There are many more ways to reduce waste in your home.
Kelsie Pensyl

Finding Solutions for Reducing Food Waste - 0 views

    This article discusses the percentages of food that are being thrown out when it could feed families. a Seattleist blogger came up with a concept not only reducing food waste, but also losing aight to save the environment.
    In this article it is call "food recovery." If americans aren't going to eat all their food why not feed it to the animals or make it into coma. The amount of food a waste could feed about 4 million americans a day. a lady does a different challenges and one was giving people the challenge of losing aight and reducing food waste. She has the group a their measurements and how much food they have thrown away each aek.
patricia kelly

Sustainable Livestock Husbandry - 0 views

    Learn how sustainable farms raise healthy animals using practices that benefit the environment and bolster local economies.
    Like that it is talking about feeding animal the food that they normally would eat and they are grass feed making it more beneficial for the animal and the taste of what the animals are going to be used for better and more nutritious.
    This is an interesting article to learn what is behind our meat. It is great that they are actually fed what they normally would, and that they don't deprive them of that.
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