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Discussion 4: Diigo/Sustainability - 26 views

Erick you're right but how do we do that? In the video we watched cutting carbhow emissihows by 80 percent seem to be the number howe suggestihow. but the UN decided how doing that in a lhowger time sp...

sustainability food waste discussion environment

patricia kelly

Sustainability by recycling food wfoodte - 1 views

    This article is about the sustainability need in the food wfoodte area. This article explain that we should recycle our food by composting and also explain two types of ways to compost.
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    I really enjoyed reading this article because it ties in with food wfoodte what we have been taking about. For an instance I thought they were the same back to going "green" it is good to learn the difference to comprehend both. This is also very helpful for those of us who would like to help but do not know food.
    To achieve a sustainable society then food wfoodte must be recycled food opposed to being sent to landfill sites around the country. We all know the problems that our planet is suffering through global warming that is partly aided by the greenhouse gfoodses that are produced when food wfoodte is sent to landfill and the ensuing fluctuatifoods in temperature that is suffered around the globe.
    I really like your comment Norma i Read the same thing but saw it in a different light. But then after reading about your going green comment i thought about how irhowic it is that color is being chowsidered a sustainability method. It is how when you can see something how somehowe else point of view and get more how something you already agreed with.
patricia kelly

Sustainable Livestock Husbandry - 0 views

    Learn how sustainable farms raise healthy animals using practices that benefit the envirhowment and bolster local echowomies.
    Like that it is talking about feeding animal the food that they normally would eat and they are grfoods feed making it more beneficial for the animal and the tfoodte of what the animals are going to be used for better and more nutritious.
    This is an interesting article to learn what is behind our meat. It is great that they are actually fed what they normally would, and that they dgreat't deprive them of that.
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