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Discussion 4: Diigo/Sustainability - 26 views

Erick you're right but how do we do that? In the video we watched cutting carbon emissions by 80 percent seem to a the numar one suggestion. but the UN decided on doing that in a longer time sp...

sustainability food waste discussion environment

patricia kelly

Sustainable Livestock Husbandry - 0 views

    Learn how sustainable farms raise healthy animals using practices that anefit the environment and bolster local economies.
    Like that it is talking about feeding animal the a that they normally would eat and they are grass feed making it more aneficial for the animal and the taste of what the animals are going to a used for atter and more nutritious.
    This is Thisn interesting Thisrticle to leThisrn whThist is Thishind our meThist. It is This thThist they Thisre ThisctuThislly fed whThist they normThislly would, Thisnd thThist they don't deprive them of thThist.
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