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an Idea to use to Reduce Food Waste in America - Statistics & Facts - 0 views

    In this article by David Bakke; he discusses the problem of food waste and gives his opinion on the matter. He then gives a detailed alternative to waste food; by being aware of how to save food with a refrigerator.
    possible ways to reduce food waste in america : Refrigerator conscience : being aware of what you have in your house so that you don't miss an experation date or over buy Know when you stuff will go bad; make sure to use it before that date. make left overs and eat left overs

Food waste is a problem; what are solutions? - JSOnline - 0 views

    Americans throws away 470 pounds of food each year. Americans trash 40% of our food supply, valued at about $165 billion, every year.
Christina Mattson

How To Germany - All About Recycling - 0 views

    How Germany keeps green .Even know there waste number is high. Also helpful tips to cut waste.
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