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James Sassi

Food waste - 0 views

    This site gives some important facts about food waste. It give facts about how food waste impacts the world.
    This article gave really good facts on how food waste does not only affect our financial situation but our environmental as well. By expanding chemicals such as Fertilizers and Pesticides. As a result it begins to creat more Methane; one out of most harmful chemicals affecting greenhouses gases.
    This website talks about how food waste isnt just a financial issue but a chemical issue and variety of facts. Environmentally, food waste leads to wasteful use of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, and more fuel used for transportation, and more rotting food in this process.
Taylor Burkhart

Stop food waste to help end world hunger - 0 views

    In this article the author discusses that food waste is a serious problem and gives some simple facts. The author also discusses that with the food being wasted; the food can go to citizens who are poor and in hunger.
Jorge Castillo


    The article talks about global problems related to chronic hunger, increasing population size, and the environmental impact of agriculture. Along with this articles it gives you solutions for thes problems. The author suggests individual to be sustainable.
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