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Ashley Montoya

18-Little-Known Facts That Will Motivate You to Cut Back on Food Waste - 0 views

    I thought this article was an excellent 10min reading, it brings out many facts the American Waste Land also brought up in the book. It also mention different authors and reachers that would be good to look on top of Jonathan Bloom as he as wall is brought up in this article.
ivan Montero

Food waste facts. - 0 views

    This article is by the United Nations Environment Programme that gives a general run down of the topic of food waste. It then goes into some interesting and informing facts about food waste. These facts are separated into two categories, US and global do give many view points.
    This article describes the building matter of the food loss problem. The website also goes over real life facts of the epidemic.

an Idea to use to Reduce Food Waste in America - Statistics & Facts - 0 views

    In this article by David Bakke; he discusses the problem of food waste and gives his opinion on the matter. He then gives a detailed alternative to waste food; by being aware of how to save food with a refrigerator.
    possible ways to reduce food waste in america : Refrigerator conscience : being aware of what you have in your house so that you don't miss an experation date or over buy Know when you stuff will go bad; make sure to use it before that date. make left overs and eat left overs
melissa diaz

Feeding the 5k - 0 views

    This article shows some facts on todays food waste. You can also sign up to pledge in reducing food waste.
    This is has many food waste facts. They not only pertain to AMerica's food waste, but all over the planet. These facts can be very useful in our paper.
    This article talks about how the amount of food we waste is enough to feed people who are malnourished. It also talks about how fruits and vegetables are not accepted because they do not meet the supermarkets standards. It also mentions how school lunches get thrown out and how we cause gas emissions by growing food we do not eat.
Christina Mattson

Scary Facts About Landfills - 1 views

    The rate of landfill filling up and how waste keeps on increasing. One landfill is closed a day because of the habbits the world has. How much of it could be saved?
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