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Hans De Keulenaer

Fostering Livelihoods with Decentralised Renewable Energy: An Ecosystems Approach - 0 views

    "Decentralised renewable energy solutions linked to livelihoods is an important step in maximising the benefits of energy access for socio-economic development. Renewables offer the opportunity to translate investments in electricity connections and kilowatt-hours into higher incomes for communities and enterprises, local jobs, greater adaptive capacity and overall well-being. "
Hans De Keulenaer

Ben & Jerry's May Make Warm Ice Cream to Reduce Emissions · Environmental Leader · Green Business, Sustainable Business, and Green Strategy News for Corporate Sustainability Executives - 0 views

  • Unilever, maker of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, is pondering how to make an ice cream that is made, shipped and sold warm, with the consumer taking the final step of actually freezing the product.
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