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Colin Bennett

100,000 mini power plants to substitute for 2 nuclear plants - 0 views

    A collaboration in Germany is about to explore whether a sizable distributed generation project can supplant centralized power plants. For this project - called SchwarmStrom - 100,000 mini gas-fired generators will provide heat and power in German homes and businesses, with a combined output of 2000 MW!
Hans De Keulenaer

Environmental Capital - : Nuclear Option: It's Not Verboten Anymore - 0 views

  • A lot of politicians seem to love nuclear power—from John McCain to Angela Merkel and Silvio Berlusconi. But more importantly, public opinion everywhere is getting behind them.
Hans De Keulenaer

Ecological Economics: Exclusively Renewable Energy by 2050: Germany Says Yes! - 0 views

  • Germany is looking to integrate wind, solar, and biofuel natural gas to supply 100% of its power generation needs by 2050 (40% by 2020). Germany plans to phase out both Nuclear and Coal-fired power generation.
    The problem is at least recognised, instead of declaring it a myth. But the video remains a concept. The numbers are not worked out, nor the economics. And while variability can be reduced by combining different renewables, nobody knows whether we will get it right 95, 99 or the current 99.9% of the time. 30 minutes of outage per year does not leave much margin for error.
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