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Information abundance leads to restricted depth? by rita Kop - 2 views

  • The abundance of information and the poverty of attention could be the cause of changes in thinking processes.
  • Sandbothe argues that the ‘comprehensive and systematic development of reflective judgement at all levels of the population and on a global scale is the central task for a democratic educational system in the twenty-first century’ (Sandbothe, 2000, p. 67). This might not be promoted by the new ways of accessing information.
  • Greenfield is concerned however, that if people do not have access to a robust conceptual framework developed over time with the help of knowledgeable others, they might have problems constructing knowledge (Greenfield, 2004).
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  • Bouchard and Kop (2010, in press) emphasised the need for individuals to be able to ‘network’ effectively, which requires considerable levels of meta-cognition and collaboration skills that, they argue, not all learners possess. Networks are not neutral and power free; there are influential hubs that determine what information people are able to access
    interesante recorrido pro autores que hablan de las limitaciones de la era digital y su abundancia de información para el pensamiento reflexivo y productivo. Sobre el final queda un poco confusa su postura (limites de mi traduccion?) pero parece decir que las eventuales potencialidades y desafios de la abundancia requieren estrategias de acompañamiento y tecnológicas para ser superadas.
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