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Caroline Bucky-Beaver

Collaborative Classroom Projects - 2 views

    List of collaborative classroom projects
Caroline Bucky-Beaver

daronow wonders about having students use to check what words they're using too often in writing.... - - 1 views

    Uses for Wordle in the classroom
Caroline Bucky-Beaver

Speaking of History........: Podcast #184 - Creating "Common Craft" Type Videos about Historical Terms for Class - 5 views

    Great use of the Flip cameras in the classroom!!
Caroline Bucky-Beaver

DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: Tools and Technologies for Effective Classrooms - 19 views

  • “Turbo-Charged Wikis: Technology Embraces Cooperative Learning”
  • A wiki-based project should not be the first time students work together. Collaborative projects work well, but only if an environment of cooperation already exists.
  • assignment of the project must possess two qualities. First, it must be an authentic problem or situation which must be solved collaboratively. Second, the final product must be utilized by another audience, preferably classmates to advance the learning of the entire class. In other words, the wiki cannot result in an assignment that is merely "turned in." Also teachers need to remember that the wiki is only the tool to enhance learning; the problem solving is what drives the project.
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  • To make sure this project progresses, teachers need to instill the five components of Cooperative Learning: namely, Positive Interdependence, individual Accountability, Face to Face Interaction, Group Processing, and teaching small-group social skills. The most important of the two are Positive Interdependence and Individual Accountability. 
    Great article on how to best prepare for a wiki-based project.
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