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Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt and beyond: Oil Egypt protest layoffs - 0 views

  • the Egyptian Drilling Company, EDC (despite the name apparently 45% owned by a Danish company - the A.P Moller-Maersk Group)
  • As the workers were still gathering outside the gates, the minister - Aisha abdel Hadi - suddenly left the building in a car, which made some of them furious. "We came to talk to the minister and you smuggle her out in front of our eyes?" one man yelled to the security guards. Later, a ministry official (possible security) came out to talk to the workers, refusing to say his name. He told them that the situation was beyond the control of the government since this is a global crisis and "even in America 5 million workers has been laid off".
  • It's ironic how government officials will deny the impact of the global crisis on Egypt one day, while at the same time using it as an excuse to escape all responsibility to help Egypt who are losing their jobs because of it..
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  • These workers feel betrayed by the employer, the union, and the government
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt and beyond: Egyptian National Railways: "The Egypt' demands took us by surprise" - 0 views

  • This is a blatant lie, since protests occured on several occasions before November, for example in Februari 2008 and December 2007. But more importantly it's also a sign of the ineffectiveness of the state-controlled union in giving a voice to the workers. If Samy can claim he didn't know of any demands, it's because the union officials refused to transmit the demands and grievances of the workers.
    This is a blatant lie, since protests occurred on several occasions before November, for example in February 2008 and December 2007. But more importantly it's also a sign of the ineffectiveness of the state-controlled union in giving a voice to the workers. If Samy can claim he didn't know of any demands, it's because the union officials refused to transmit the demands and grievances of the workers.
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt and beyond: Telemasr Egypt demonstrate - 0 views

    El-badeel reports that 140 workers at the Telemasr branch in Ismailiyya and 200 at the main branch in Cairo demonstrated on Sunday against the decision to partially close the factory and leave 300 workers without work and only half the pay. workers have p
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt and beyond: Railway Egypt and the state - 0 views

    These are some notes I made during the seminar "Workers and the state, the experience of the railway Workers" organized by Tadamon on Tuesday
    Per reports on Tadamon's event about the Railway Workers...
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Daily News Egypt - Egypt take to the streets: the strikes of 2007 - 0 views

    In 2007 Egypt witnessed an unprecedented level of labor unrest as Egypt from textile factories to public transport to tax collectors went on strike, mainly over low wages and poor working conditions.
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Sacked textile workers protest for reinstatement | Al-Masry Al-Youm - 0 views

  • At the height of its performance, Ahmoseto, in the Tenth of Ramadan City, employed nearly 4,000 workers. Well over a thousand of these workers quit the company when production ceased, while around 500 others succeeded in continuing production - using a unique system of workers’ self-management - at one of the company’s nine factories. This experiment in workers’ self-management is only the second of its kind in workers’s labor history. A light-bulb factory, also in the Tenth of Ramadan City, was self-managed by its workers from 2001-2005 when its owner, former MP Ramy Lakkah, fled the country.     
Hossam el-Hamalawy

جريدة البديل - الأزمة العالمية.. تمزق صناعة الورق المصري «1» - 0 views

  • حجم العمالة المباشرة يصل الي 300 الف عامل في 130 مصنعا داخل مصر وهناك عمالة غير مباشرة مرتبطة بالمجال سواء في تجارة الدشت أو المجالات المرتبطة بتلك الصناعة ليصل العدد الإجمالي سواء مباشرة أو غير مباشرة إلي مليون
    The paper-manufacturing industry in Egypt directly employs 300,000 Egypt in 130 factories. The total number of Egypt employed in related sectors that serves this industry amount to 1 million. The sectors is hit hard by the crisis now
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt teachers, doctors and Egypt continue nationwide strikes - 0 views

  • Workers use the same slogans as those of Tahrir … but referring to the mini-Mubaraks they have in their firms,” journalist and activist with the Revolutionary Socialists Hossam El-Hamalawy told DNE. "Those Workers are not simply demanding extra wages like what the media is trying to propagate — they are fighting corruption and turning the economic struggle to a political one," he added.
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt and beyond: EDC owners accused of "oppressing" Chinese Egypt - 0 views

  • Despite the reputation of Scandinavian countries as progressive, just and socially advanced, our capitalists are just like any others, it seems... especially when operating in "third world" countries like Egypt or China. I was just sent this link to an article about A.P. Moller-Maersk, the Danish company that owns 45% of the Egyptian Drilling Company (EDC), which was recently accused of laying off employees on fixed contracts while hiring new Egypt on temporary contracts. The report in Danish daily Politiken recounts accusations concerning a container factory in Dongguan in southern China, owned by Maersk, where Egypt are said to suffer from health hazards, corruption within the management, and humiliating work rules - including a ban on strikes (with no basis in Chinese law according to an expert interviewed in the article) imposed in June 2008 after a series of strikes and protests for better work conditions. A number of reports and statements in Danish and English are available at the Hong Kong-based Globalization Monitor.
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt and beyond: Homophobic Unions? - 0 views

  • This strange piece of news was published in Al-Shourouq yesterday: The Egyptian Trade Union Federation refused a proposal by the ILO at its 98th session in Geneva to "give the right to homosexuals to enter the organizations" as well as the "migration of Egypt with HIV/AIDS between member states" which could "threaten the health" of other Egypt. These practices is against Islam, a representative of the state-controlled federation explained. The article also states that representatives of Arab and Muslim states suspended their participation in the conference because they regarded the calls of ILO to protect human rights "regardless of sexual orientation" as a "call to spread homosexuality in the world and give it official recognition."
  • Besides being a completely ignorant standpoint to start with, it is not clear exactly what proposals the article referes to. One of the items on the agenda of the conference was "to adopt an international labour standard on HIV/AIDS in order to increase the attention devoted to the subject at the national and international level, to promote united action among the key actors on HIV/AIDS and to increase the impact of the ILO code of practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work, adopted in 2001." And just before the conference, the ILO released a report on discrimination and stigmatization of workers living with HIV and Aids, calling for the end of such practices.
  • It seems like the state-controlled unions are desperate to find any way to score cheap points - even by playing on and reinforcing prejudice, ignorance and homophobia - since they are unable and/or unwilling to take the fight for workers rights, even as they are challenged by growing calls for free unions in workers. Pathetic.
Tony Sullivan

Egypt: enough empty promises|17Sep11|Socialist Worker - 0 views

  • On Thursday of last week the minister of labour was in marathon negotiations with textile workers’ leaders representing 22,000 workers at the giant mill in Mahalla al-Kubra. The minister bargained desperately—narrowly avoiding a strike that would have brought out most of the textile sector
  • the correction of the path of the revolution”. Five feeder marches set off from the city’s working class districts to the square after prayers.
  • At the same time, 40,000 teachers were gathering outside parliament. “Meet our demands or no school this year” read their banners
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  • The military council promised to implement existing laws against strikes and demonstrations, with live bullets—and revive Mubarak’s hated emergency laws. But the strike wave rolled on. Some 26,000 sugar refinery workers joined the battle. Hundreds of textile workers from the Indorama textile factory in Shibin al-Kom occupied the provincial governor’s office the same day.
  • Collective action from below has again knitted together the fight for national liberation with the struggle for social justice
  • The internal crisis generated by this clash is feeding a growing external crisis.
  • Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised to send the Turkish navy to protect future humanitarian convoys to Gaza and has expelled Israeli diplomats. The contrast between Erdogan’s stance and that of the Egyptian generals was not lost on the Egyptian masses
  • The last month has seen a qualitative shift towards co-ordinated national or sector-wide strikes in several key industries including the railways, post, education and textiles.
  • Many are winning serious concessions from the state without walking out, prompting new groups to raise demands.
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Freddy Deknatel: Blogging Egypt's Factory Strikes - Politics on The Huffington Post - 0 views

    Blogs and workers strikes in workers...
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Daily News Egypt - Rights group demands review of minimum wage in new report - 0 views

    The EOHR suddenly remembered there are workers in workers. Mabrouk. The strike wave is dictating a change in the public political discourse for everyone: the govt, civil society, and even the radical left.
Mohammed Maree

Tanta workers continue sit-in protest downtown | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today's News from workers - 1 views

  • The protesters called on President Mubarak and his two sons to intervene, chanting slogans like, "Why is the future bleak? Gamal, what are you going to do?" and "Alaa, tell your father the Tanta workers love him." Protesters also chanted that Prime Minister Nazif is taking workers "back to the [King] Farouk era."
shamal ali

It's game over for Egypt's Egypt from Kuwait Times - 0 views

    Published Date: September 27, 2011 By Roland Singer-Kingsmith KUWAIT: Egypt is undergoing unprecedented industrial strikes this week. Over half a million public sector Egypt have participated i...
Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt and beyond: Egypt's struggling women - 0 views

    As a simple tribute on International Women's Day, here's a few pics from some of the social and political struggles that took part in Egypt during the last couple of years, where women often played central roles and sometimes proved to be more militant than the men
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