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حسام الحملاوي

Daily News Egypt - Nile Cotton workers protest at parliament - 0 views

  • Workers from the company have been on strike since April 29, 2009, when the decision to reduce incentive payments was issued.
  • Kishk criticized what he described as the “inability” of the Ministry of Manpower to exercise real influence over employers.
  • Privatized in 1997, Nile Cotton has factories in the governorate of Minya and in the Delta.
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  • In August 2008 Nile Cotton was estimated to have a total of LE 344 million worth of debts.
    Sarah Carr reports...
حسام الحملاوي

SHE2I2: 200 Cotton Gin Workers Beaten & Forcibly Dispersed during Demonstration outside Egyptian Parliament - 0 views

  • I eagerly await that beautiful day when it will be the turn of police officers to receive hefty beatings at the hands of all exploited workers across Egypt.
حسام الحملاوي

Nile Cotton workers' protest - a set on Flickr - 0 views

    Photos by Sarah Carr
Mohammed Maree

Egypt\n and beyond: Nile Cotton workers: "We are victims of privatization!" - 0 views

  • "We are victims of privatization," one worker called Mustapha told me. "We are not demanding any raise or anything, just our salaries. We are creating a profit, so where is our rights? We are not going to give up. We want to live!"
حسام الحملاوي

Daily News Egypt - Minya Nile Cotton workers end strike - 0 views

    Sarah Carr reports..
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