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sandra nelson

ESL Vocabulary Games - Top 5 - 12 views

Here's my list of my ESL student's favorite vocabulary games. 1. Crossword Puzzles. Why do students like them so much? They'll puzzle and work over them whereas a regular vocabulary study assignme...

English ESL tools vocabulary games online

started by sandra nelson on 27 May 12 no follow-up yet
qi sun

Learning English Through Film - 14 views

shared by qi sun on 05 Mar 11 - No Cached
  • This lesson plan is based on a video animation called 7 Billion by National Geographic magazine which in a yearlong series is examining the challenges and solutions we face as the worldwide population reaches 7 billion in 2011.
  • Step 1 Introducing topic
  • Step 2 Pre-watching task / predicting
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • Step 3 Watching video
  • Step 4 Feedback
  • Step 5 Grammar (second conditional) and speaking
  • Step 6 Speaking about climate change

  • Step 7 Speaking and watching video
  • Follow up Homework
    • Karen Benson
      due next Monday
eflclassroom 2.0 Video eMail - 1 views

shared by eflclassroom 2.0 on 24 Sep 10 - Cached
    record and email a video message. Great tool for language teaching. No sign-up is required or login all done from the front page with three clicks.
sandra nelson

Vocabulary Learning Fun - Totally Redone - 7 views

EFL english resources esl tools vocabulary

started by sandra nelson on 02 May 10 no follow-up yet
The dexway method

dexway - the online language learning method that's pedogogically perfect. - 0 views

    Dexway provides the market's most complete language learning technology, featuring loads of interactivity, professor for tutelage via virtual classes, continuous monitoring of student performance and speech recognition technology for the evaluation of pronunciation
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