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Marie Coleman

Life in Lucy's Time - 0 views

    Houston Museum of Natural Science provides an exciting look at evolution in light of the findings of "Lucy," a 3.2 million year-old fossilized Hominid whose remains were discovered in 1974.
Thomas Ho

Epsilen Environment Home - 0 views

shared by Thomas Ho on 29 Mar 08 - Cached
  • What Is Epsilen? Label Epsilen places social networking and ePortfolios at the center of global eLearning, creating a new environment for the next generation of learners and professionals. Described by some users as an "academic Facebook," Epsilen connects peers, enabling meaningful knowledge and objects exchanges.
    • Thomas Ho
      I am trying this out with our college juniors/seniors who are either looking for internships or permanent jobs. Normally, registration is restricted to oNLY .edu email addresses, BUT I might be able to get permission for K-12 educators to try it out IF they don't happen to have .edu addresses.
Clif Mims

The Crisis in Darfur: A Mini-Lesson that Teaches So Much - 0 views

    This lesson about the crisis in Darfur makes use of video and an online game.
Reggie Ryan

Change Agency - Advocating a better education system for the 21st Century. » ... - 1 views

shared by Reggie Ryan on 29 Mar 08 - Cached
  • Equipment: 1 Apple MacBook Pro 1 Canon Elura DV Camera 1 Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 (webcam) Software: Ustream (web-based) CamTwist
  • Ustream Set-up: After clicking on “Broadcast Now”, I made the following adjustments to the controls: Video Source = CamTwist (note: CamTwist had to be already running in order to do this.) Audio source = Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 (The audio from the webcam sounded better than the audio from the built-in microphone. The “built-in audio input” didn’t seem to work for my configuration even though I did have a nice mic plugged into the input on my computer ) I adjust the audio and video quality as needed, and under “advanced” features I increased the frame-rate for the video since I was connected via ethernet cable (not recommended if connected wirelessly.)
    Detailed UStream setup on Mac side
Vicki Davis

How to make the most of this forum - 72 views

As we see things emerge in this group -- as we start sending our bookmarks, you can set "thumbs up" or thumbs down -- you can also add your comments -- send it to your diigo bookmarks or other grou...


started by Vicki Davis on 29 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
Vicki Davis

My Membership - Group Widget | Diigo Groups - 0 views

    Group widget for the Educators Diigo Group
    This is where you can get the code for the group with the standard tags for educators.
Vicki Davis

Group Tag Dictionary - 1 views

    This is the current tag dictionary -- we really only get 17 that show up and I had to truncate the names -- but if you join the group and send pages to the group when you bookmark these tags will come up.
    This is the page where I set up the dictionary for educators -- it may or may not let non administrators see it, however, I wanted to TRY to share it with the group.
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