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Vicki Davis

IFTTT / Send everything I tag collaborative writing to a notebook in writing. by coolcatteacher - 1 views

    If you use Diigo but are researching a certain topic for a book or term paper and also use Evernote, I recommend setting up an recipe similar to this one I'm using for my collaborative Evernote book. Everything tagged "collaborative Evernote" goes automatically to my collaborative Evernote book. You could use this for a course. You could take everything on Diigo tagged with the course number into a notebook (or into a Google spreadsheet, for that matter.) There are many other sources of information you can use to collect information on a topic in one place. 
Vicki Davis

Dictionary, Thesaurus | - 6 views

  • is the companion website for the terminology app for the ipad/ iphone. You can also shorten and share definitions. The main problem I had is if you use a diigo box, the search box tries to take over the words. Nice clean dictionary.
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