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Kathy Benson

SoundCloud - Share Your Sounds - 5 views

    Upload a sound recording, visualize it with the cloud generator, share it to social media, and allow others to comment on it. Could be a great tool for language and music teachers
    upload and share audio, like youtube for audio.
Dennis OConnor

The Rapid eLearning Blog - 8 views

  • The way it seems to work is that organizations restructure and somewhere in the process the training people are usually the first to go.
  • So if I were to offer any advice, it would be to provide the most value that you can.
  • The challenge in all of this is that rapid elearning has to bring real value and isn’t just a bunch of PowerPoint files converted to Flash and then put online. 
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  • Assess your learners on what they need to do.  The original quiz questions are based on the product.  I changed the focus from the product to answering customer questions.  I still cover the same information, but am better off putting it in context to how the learner would use it.
  • By creating rapid elearning courses, you bring value to your organization because you can drive down the cost of production. However, no software replaces the need for sound instructional design.
  • I was on the phone with someone who had problems with her elearning course.  It seemed that nothing was working right.  As I dug a little deeper, it turned out that she was deleting some of her files.  She told me she did so to keep her files organized.  Apparently the folders were looking a bit messy.  What she didn’t realize was that all of those files she was moving and deleting ...
    The rapid e-learning blog always has interesting articles. As always, this blog has so many useful resources and articles it boggles of the mind. I've used the Articulate Engage software extensively. Worth the price (and I'm a penny pincher)!
Ted Sakshaug

UJAM - 13 views

    "UJAM is a cloud-based platform that empowers everybody to easily create new music or enhance their existing musical talent and share it with friends. "
    Just signed up looks karaoke on steroids but also creative you can record original work I don't know of you can collaborate?
    Wow you can create huge range of vocal effects as well as instruments genres etc eventually UJAM will embed into any type of platform/ use. I'm imagining Twitter with optional sound? Or in games. Oh yeah how about a profile with a little acapella or guitar rift?
Kelly Faulkner

Audioboo - 1 views

    easy and quick video podcast
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    "Record and playback digital recordings up to 5 minutes long which can then be posted on" to your personal Audioboo profile page. You can record your "boos" by phone, with the iPhone app or through your web browser. AudioBoo is iTunes ready making it the easiest way to begin podcasting.
    Recording and uploading audio quickly and easily
    an easy way to record & share audio files
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