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Maggie Verster

Literacy, Technology, Policy, Etc....A Blog - 1 views

    "Education, English, Lesson, Reading, Slides, students, Education, Theme"
Vicki Davis

Teaching Resources, Classroom Resources & Lesson Plans - TES Resources - 6 views

    While the UK celebrates safer internet day on February 7, we can go through and get some great resources for kids of all ages (including some SmartBoard templates.) 
Roland O'Daniel

MSP:MiddleSchoolPortal/Teaching With Trade Books - NSDLWiki - 5 views

    ...benefits of using trade books is increasing student engagement. High quality trade books are written as to spark interest and create a desire to read. Many contain colorful, interesting illustrations, photographs, and diagrams, all of which draw students into the text and improve comprehension.
Fred Delventhal

Engineering is Elementary | EiE Unit Overviews - 0 views

    The Engineering is Elementary project will produce 20 curricular units. The table below describes the units' focal science and engineering fields, the storybook title, and the country in which the unit is set.
Vicki Davis

Lunar Lander - Interactive Simulation - Resources - TES - 8 views

    A moon landing simulation that requires students to understand mass, thrust, fuel consumption, and lunar gravity. This has been used with all ages of students.
Vicki Davis

80+ Google Forms for the Classroom | - 28 views

    An incredible set of Google forms that you can use in your classroom. One tip - never collect emails or you violate Google's terms of service and can lose access to the spreadsheet like we did with our Eracism project last week.
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