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Jonathan Tepper

The 21st Century Teacher - 23 views

    "A new online community devoted soley to education in the 21st Century." Anyone with thoughts on education is welcome. We have so much to talk about."
Martin Burrett

Free tools for teachers: Math Worksheet Generator - Partners in Learning Network - 7 views

    Make maths worksheets with this tool from microsoft. Just write one example question and the program will generate more questions of the same type and even provide an answer sheet.
Vicki Davis

May Events - 2 views

    If you're planning May and want to see the holidays and events along with lesson plans, you'll want to check out this list. Lots of events including a net one we should bring to the US called "Friendship Funday".
Vicki Davis

Secondary: Design and technology: KS3 Graphics: Photoshop teaching resources - TES - 1 views

    Adobe has their new Digital School Collection which really makes some very powerful tools affordable to schools. (Goes live December 1st) - here are some great tutorials and presentations on the TES website about photoshop and graphic design. Sometimes for these tough programs it helps to use things that other teachers have already used.
M Jesús García San Martín

Stop and Learn English: Auld Lang Syne - 1 views

Vicki Davis

Wikisource, the free library - 5 views

    A library of information of all types of sources and documents. AS a suggestion copy out of wikisource and paste into Tagxedo to find meaning and format. This should be a strategy for making meaning out of massive texts by students. You can do this with whole books.
Erin Fitzpatrick

eduScapes: A Site for Life-long Learners - 9 views

    Life long learners of all ages.

Education in Adult Education | Education Futures | - 2 views

    Education in adult education programs can lead to interesting careers in education. This page provides information on what is studied and where you can study them.
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