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Kelly Faulkner - 1 views

    FROM THE ABOUT PAGE... the real purpose of this exercise is to alleviate our natural tendency to edit everything-and learn to flow. an analogy would be a film camera: when a film is shot, the camera just rolls and captures everything-good and bad. when all the shooting is complete, the raw film is edited into a cohesive piece. the camera operator doesn't keep stopping the camera and rewinding and editing on-the-fly-the camera just rolls. if it were to stop, some of the best performances and spontaneous moments might be missed. so: be the camera. well, that's a stupid saying, but you get the idea. in writing-just flow. go back later and edit. Go write.
    a 1 word prompt for creative writing.  timed response.
Dennis OConnor

#PleaseHelp: Learning to Write (Again) on Twitter | Digital Is ... - 10 views

    A writing teacher's narrative about re-discovering a writers process by slowly writing Twitter.  This is a thoughtful account that may lure some who are hesitant about using twitter into giving it a try. (More than a try really, it takes some time for you too find your voice and your audience.)
Thomas Ho

Beyond Social Networking: Building Toward Learning Communities -- THE Journal - 0 views

  • intentionally and is where the instructor is very much a necessary support to the process
    • Thomas Ho
      this observation is borne out by my experience documented in
    I am currently writing a paper about my experiences with & I will be using this paper as a reference
Toni Olivieri-Barton

Museum Box Homepage - 0 views

    This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.
    Make a museum box
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