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uLearn by Infomapper - online maps for schools - 11 views

    Teaching with maps (whether on the whiteboard or using a set of personal computers) makes learning much more visual, exciting and personally relevant. uLearn is the easiest way to access a range of Ordnance Survey mapping in the UK, plus stunning aerial imagery and historic maps, all in a safe educational environment. Much more than just Geography Use maps as an index, not only to study geographical locations but also alongside uLearn's enormous library of geo-referenced learning. Explore the historic, cultural and factual aspects of your chosen locations across the planet. Just select a topic, zoom in to a place of interest and the learning available will automatically light up. And uLearn's mapping tools are learning - stitch maps together, add your own photos and videos or annotate them to highlight your teaching focus. uLearn's maps and learning can be manipulated to meet your classroom needs, whatever the curriculum area. Really simple tools for creating lessons Whether using the learning already in uLearn or uploading your own learning, uLearn allows you at the click of a button, to capture the maps and learning for your lesson, ready to use in the classroom. It's as simple as clicking the 'Save current view to playlist' button!
Julie Altmark

iLearn Technology » Blog Archive » The Pre-Raph Pack - 3 views

    Featured Post Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving What it is: Scholastic has amazing resources all year long but the resources on The First Thanksgiving is topnotch!  Students learn about how the Pilgrims reached America, and what daily life was before the First Thanksgiving.  Students can take a tour of the Mayflower, take the virtual journey to America, compare and contrast modern life with when the Pilgrims lived (housing, clothes, food, chores, school, games), and the Thanksgiving feast.  There is a great slideshow and play a webquest feature where kids can learn more about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag and the famous harvest feast.  The site includes audio for every page and activity.  This is great for younger students. How to integrate Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving into the classroom: The First Thanksgiving is a collection of great activities for students to learn about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims.  Students can use this site independently as young as first grade because of the audio features on The First Thanksgiving.  The site can be used as a center activity that a few students can explore together, independently in the computer lab setting, or as a whole class with a projector or resources whiteboard.  The webquest at the end of the activity checks for student understanding with a quiz.  Increase students participation further with some The First Thanksgiving bonus features and extras.  Print out a Thanksgiving Readers theater, door signs, a fact hunt, a vocabulary quiz, and some letters from historical figures.  There are also research and historical fiction journals that students can continue resources with.  These range from a Plymoth Colony research starter to Our America: Colonial period. Tips: Check out Scholastic's Teaching resources for The First Thanksgiving as well as the literature connections that are available. Leave a comment and share how you are using The First Thanksgiving  in your classroom. Read More
Jason Heiser

Copy / Paste by Peter Pappas: The Reflective Principal: A Taxonomy of Reflection (Part IV) - 8 views

    The Reflective Principal: A Taxonomy of Reflection (Part IV) Reflection can be a challenging endeavor. It's not something that's fostered in school - typically someone else tells you how you're doing! Principals (and instructional leaders) are often so caught up in the meeting the demands of the day, that they rarely have the luxury to muse on how things went. Self-assessment is clouded by the need to meet competing demands from multiple stakeholders. In an effort to help schools become more reflective learning environments, I've developed this "Taxonomy of Reflection" - modeled on Bloom's approach. It's posted in four installments: 1. A Taxonomy of Reflection 2. The Reflective Student 3. The Reflective Teacher 4. The Reflective Principal It's very much a work in progress, and I invite your comments and suggestions. I'm especially interested in whether you think the parallel construction to Bloom holds up through each of the three examples - student, teacher, and principal. I think we have something to learn from each perspective. 4. The Reflective Principal Each level of reflection is structured to parallel Bloom's taxonomy. (See installment 1 for more on the model) Assume that a principal (or instructional leader) looked back on an initiative (or program, decision, project, etc) they have just implemented. What sample questions might they ask themselves as they move from lower to higher order reflection? (Note: I'm not suggesting that all questions are asked after every initiative - feel free to pick a few that work for you.) Bloom's Remembering : What did I do? Principal Reflection: What role did I play in implementing this program? What role did others play? What steps did I take? Is the program now operational and being implemented? Was it completed on time? Are assessment measures in place? Bloom's Understanding: What was
David Wetzel

Web Based Science Inquiry Learning Centers: Combining Online Learning with Classroom Science Investigations - 11 views

    For a web-based learning to be truly effective it must be learning. This means that it is not just a reformatted canned lesson of printed worksheets placed on the web. The web-based activity is inquiry-based and incorporates the full features available on the web - interactivity between computer and student. The learning activity must engage student critical thinking skills by using the scientific inquiry process.
Fred Delventhal is a Fun, Interactive and Educational way for kids to learn. - 0 views

  • is an educational website for Kids. We offer fun, interactive, and educational games for kids. For teachers, also offers Quizstation. Quizstation allows teachers to create online quizzes for their students. also offers kids clip art, e-cards for kids, wallpaper, kids jokes, screensavers, and more. provides hours of interactive fun for kids and interactive teachers need to have a fun and productive classroom.
Vicki Davis

Sheppard Software: Fun Free Online Learning Games And Activities For Kids. - MentorMob - 4 views

    Use the buttons on the left to play this interactive whiteboard set of tools for some of the best things you can find for interactive whiteboards. This list was made by Theresa Allen and you should share it with all your teachers who use IWB's. GREAT games and tools. Thanks, Theresa.
Deb Henkes

TES iboard - 4 views

    TESiboard resources are primarily open-ended tools that enable teachers to enagage their pupils in a resources dialogue around the resource. The resources are designed for use by the teacher on their resources whiteboard but many are also suitable for pupil use, usually responding to a task or challenge set by the teacher.
Dave Truss

TeacherLED - Interactive Whiteboard Interactive For Teachers - 0 views

    Welcome to This site aims to provide teaching and learning learning to make the use of the learning whiteboard in the classroom easier and more productive.
Julie Shy

Gooru - 10 views

    Gooru is a free platform for students and teachers to access standards-based online resources in organized "playlists" for resources. Created by a Google employee, it's run by a nonprofit group called Ednovo. Students can access "ClassBooks"-collections of textbooks, videos, and assessments-on any topic, and they can interact with their peers and teachers while studying. Teachers can search for standards-aligned web resources organized into "ClassPlans," which they can customize and share with the larger community. In short, educators can use the site to search and teach, while students can use it to search and study; the website's tagline is "resources is social."
yc c

Xerte - Open Source E-Learning Developer Tools - 5 views

    Xerte is a fully-featured e-learning development environment for creating rich interactivity. Xerte is aimed at developers of learning content who will create sophisticated content with some scripting, and Xerte can be used to extend the capabilities of Xerte Online Toolkits with new tools for content authors.
Dave Truss

David Jakes Presentation Resources - On the Development of Resources Spaces - 12 views

    Excellent practice, high-quality learning, and successful institutions all require a place for the interactions of teaching and learning . Yet, the concept of learning space is rarely discussed among educators as a "one-size- fits- all" classroom is the accepted expectation and reality in today's schools.
Megan Black

Parade of Games in PowerPoint - 27 views

    " The Parade of Games web site was created to provide educators and trainers with easy-to- assemble educational games in a technology- enhanced environment to support key learning points. The site demonstrates the creative use of popular game shows and other familiar games to reinforce learning. Educators and trainers can select and download those PowerPoint games that support your learning objectives and are compatible with the technology capabilities of your learning environment."
Clint Hamada

Math Forum: Making Effective Use of Math Forum Resources - 1 views

    The Math Forum's mission is to provide resources, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions, and educational products and services that enrich and support teaching and resources in an increasingly technological world.
Martin Burrett

The Earth and Beyond - 7 views

    A great set of interactive space interactive. Learn about day and night, orbits, phases of the moon and more. Choose a topic from the menu and explore with your class.
Dennis Richards - Software - 0 views

    Free model-based learning learning and software We are delighted to be able to offer a growing collection of free software and student materials that use this software. Finding it is a bit of a treasure hunt. Sorry. The software is being developed in different projects, so we have not collected it all in one place. The following describes the major places to look. * Three powerful modeling environments * Activity authoring * Algebra learnings * Sustainable development education * VideoPaper builder * License and copyright You may also wish to visit our complete Software Download Center.
Wade Ren

diigo? | Alex's reflecting pool - 0 views

  • I believe there is something very powerful  in this tool. I am in the process evaluating it for instructional and professional development purposes. So far these are my thoughts: I think I can easily mark up online student work with this tool. I think online students can mark up each other’s online work with this tool. and discuss. One of the course activities is to use a rubric to evaluate an online course that the students will each be building as the main project for the course. The course review, I think, can be done using diigo. I think… not sure yet. Online students can easily create annotated bibliographies of web resource in directed learning activities AND share and discuss them with others in the class. This resource can grow and be available for the online course from term to term. In addition, for webenhanced courses, this is an awesome, easy, slick, cool way to incorporate some very cool online enhancements to a f2f course that completely bypasses all the extra unnecessary flotsam you get with a full on CMS/LMS. you get a lot of functional features bang for the “buck” in this tool. It is a slick tool with a lot of functionality to suport interaction/collaboration, etc. When i have my university administrator’s hat on i also see great potential as a tool to facilitate and enhance community and for professional development. I have an extended staff of 50-100 online instructional designers that i could use this tool with to aggregate links and info and learning and networking. We have over 3,000 online faculty that we could use this with to support them with info and learning and networking - differenciating between the needs of new online faculty and experienced online faculty… there is potential for discipline specific learning and info for online faculty… and it goes on.
Ted Sakshaug

Online Resources for Math - Algebra, Trigonometric, Geometry, Calculus, Boolean Algebra, Probability, Decimal, Fraction, Permutations and Combinations - 0 views

    High School Middle School Elementary Kindergarten maths Welcome to an online Free Learning website full of fun. This website is fully Learning and will allow kids to practice and learn math with ease. Our website is designed to help students of different grades, starts from Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School Math. The goal of this website is to provide new education tools to teachers, parents and off course students who can benefit from it.
yc c

Understand the archives | The National Archives - 3 views

    • yc c
      Very good content
    Use the resources on this page to learn more about how archives work, how to find and understand records, and how to look after your own records. Try our resources tutorials on Latin and palaeography, and discover what information you can find online about us and our records.
yc c

Glogster EDU - Poster | Text, Images, Music and Video - 11 views

    Glogster EDU is your original educational resource for innovative and interactive interactive
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