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Jocelyn Chappell

The tags we're using - diigo - educators | Diigo Groups Forum - 0 views

    and the useful tags are: administrator all_teachers bestpractices bestpractices grants curriculum history literature math science technology language edu_news edu_trends edu_newapp digitalcitizenship techintegrator professionaldevelopment edublog
Vicki Davis

"Share your tips" - and win BIG! | The Edublogger - 0 views

    Another blogging challenge which lets you win 12 months free edublogs supporter subscription. Just blog and share your tips.
Suzie Nestico

#WW Twitter Welcome Wednesday -just the "Guidelines" | Kalinago English - 1 views

  • For example, do this#WW welcome @Craig an English Language Teacher based in Dubai, #ELT ~ interested in #dogme and chocolate. #TEFL#WW @Jenny - she's a Teen Fiction author based in Ireland. Open to being interviewed by your students.  #fiction #ireland #education #younglearners #WW shout out 2 @Bob a good buddy of mine, help me welcome him! - #mlearning evangelist #edublogger and head of #edtech at @UniversityofMiami But please don't do this:#WW @Jenny @Craig @Bob @June @Alice @TomatoHead @eLearningGuru  as this is unhelpful to everyone.
    Great idea to help colleagues get started on Twitter with a #WW ~ "Welcome Wednesday"
Megan Black

dtarh2o - 10 views

    Useful information to help facilitate 21st Century Teaching and Learning. Topics include: AverVision Document Cameras, Student Response Systems, Digital Cameras, Google for Educators, Web 2.0 etc...
Carl Bogardu

dy/dan » Geometry: The Supplement - 17 views

    38 weeks of Geometry instruction.
Dan Sherman


    TenMarks is the best math practice and learning program for grades 3-High School and as of today, it's FREE for teachers to use - in class or for their students to use at home. The TenMarks approach gives students a variety of problems on each topic, and ability to use hints if they need a little nudge, and immediate video lessons for them to refresh and learn the topic - on the spot. The end result - students refresh what they know and learn what they don't. Teachers choose their own curriculum (mapped to state standards), assign work to students, have it automatically graded immediately, review individual and class performance, and most importantly, take immediate action. TenMarks is super effective and real easy to use - it was designed with the help of math teachers across the country. What's more - it's FREE for the entire class!
Joseph Alvarado

b9667271ee6c154195_t9m6iij8k.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 1 views

    Great research paper on why student test scores should not be used to evaluate teachers.
Keith Hamon

Dr. Z Reflects: Wii: Commercialized or Incentivized - 0 views

    Explores the positive reinforcement of games and asks why we aren't providing that same reinforcement in school?
Keith Hamon

Tinkering as a mode of knowledge production in a Digital Age « Generation YES Blog - 0 views

    A fine video of John Seely Brown talking about creating space for students to tinker as a way of creating and sharing knowledge.
Ruth Howard

Shift Happens - Now What? at Change Agency - 0 views

    More than a digital literacy manifesto-21st century learners all.#educhat
David Hilton

Common Core - Working to Bring Exciting, Comprehensive, Content-Rich Instruction to Every Classroom in America - 2 views

    We believe that a child who graduates from high school without an understanding of culture, the arts, history, literature, civics, and language has in fact been left behind. So to improve education in America, we're promoting programs, policies, and initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels that provide students with challenging, rigorous instruction in the full range of liberal arts and sciences.
    Very heartening to see a growing movement advocating a knowledge-rich, intellectually rigorous curriculum for schools. They've got the funds to hire good photographers and models with nice skin, too.
Deven Black - 10 views

    How to Study Better, Understand More andActually "Get" What You Want to Learn
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