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Martin Burrett

Every Last Drop - 2 views

    "A well designed water awareness site. Scroll down the page to reveal how the average person uses water everyday and ideas for reducing it."
yc c

The Hidden Water We Use - National Geographic - 7 views

    "You might be surprised at how much water it takes to bring that hamburger to your plate or oto make your favorite t-shirt. Compare apples to oranges, beer to wine, wind power to coal and see how your choices add up"
Ben W

THIRST presentation - 0 views

    A nice presentation on the water crisis. Nice design & use of text and images.
Ben W

Michigan, Ground Zero For Sustainability, Struggling To Develop Wind Power : TreeHugger - 0 views

  • while surrounded by water resources that are the envy of half the population of the US and many arid nations
    • Ben W
      Michigan may see a resurgance in vitality as water resources become increasingly taxed elsewhere (i.e. Atlanta). MI is a state mostly free from worry about weather calamities (no hurricanes, flooding happens, but hasn't been horrible, forest fires are rare, and mudslides are unheard of), and may become a "safe haven" in the future.
    Describes MI's problems w/ adding serious wind power to the existing electrical grid. Calls for an improvement of transmission lines to be able to handle new energy sources.
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